Strawberries sometimes taste like nail polish, amirite?

Well... Revlon has scented nail polish.... Are you eating the nail polish?

You're the kind of person who eats a shit-ton and never gains weight, and you love it, amirite?

I can't eat too much if I do I'll feel sick the next day and be unable to eat. But I don't gain weight which is not so bad. :D

It's unfortunate that after you see a movie based on a book, if you ever read that book again, then you'll imagine the characters as the actors in the movie, amirite?

Twilight for example... Before I saw the movies it was a decent series and Bella wasn't an emotionless robot... And Edward wasn't a stoned-looking creep... But hey, we all make mistakes including those that cast roles in movies.

I'm pretty sure I heard somewhere that the Mayan calendar doesn't end December 21st because they found another peice to it... I'm not entirely sure though. Too tired from working to look it up.

‎#YOLO provides the youth with an excuse to binge drink, take drugs and fuck each other. If you only live once, stop wasting it... amirite?

No, don't generalize, only the retarded use YOLO as an excuse for anything...

It disgusts me how my iPod autocorrected YOLO to all upper-case.... What is this world coming to?

When you need something from your parents, you always wait until they're in a better mood to ask them, amirite?

Or until my mom is 95% asleep...

2 door cars are cool until you have to get in the back of one, Amirite?

Really depends on the car... If it's a piece of shit two door like the one my aunt had of course not, but if it's some awesome amazing exotic sports car then fuck yeah.

Guys: Sagging your pants is incredibly more comfortable than wearing them normally. amirite?
@Lauraladybug Saggy pants are unattractive. Buy a belt.

The new way to sag takes a belt and tightens it in the right spot so it stays.

Teenage girls: These days,when you carry your baby cousin or brother in public, people think it's yours, amirite?

Story of my life since my cousin cruise was born... For the last three years family members just dump their kids on me wherever we are and people look at me like I'm garbage because they think I'm a teenage parent with four kids... Even when I try to pick up guys and my friends are able to be around me on family outings guys assume I have kids... Damn lazy aunts...

Eyebrows really make a difference in a person's appearance, amirite?
@You got this from tumblr... So much for originality.

Seriously? Are you really complaining about the originality of this post? Why don't you post something that has never been said or thought up by anyone else?

It really sucks when you have an irrational fear, and everyone just thinks you're joking, amirite?

When people pick me up. Even if they lift me like a millimeter off the ground I flip my shit... Probably because I flew down a flight of stairs when I was young due to a caught blanket and not being buckled in my carrier... Thanks mom. 👍

Pixar shouldn't make a Toy Story 4, it would ruin the meaning of Toy Story 3, amirite?

I think they should have just stopped at the second Toy Story.

Whites don't listen to rap and Blacks don't listen to rock, amirite?
@davidsplanteII Have you ever heard of a "wigger"

Listening to rap isn't what makes a white person a wigger. Sagging their pants and trying to talk with an urban "accent" and heavily using slang is what makes them a wigger.

Whites don't listen to rap and Blacks don't listen to rock, amirite?
@ThisBunnyFlies I listen to everything but rap, and i'm black...Call me strange, I don't care. >_>'

That's not strange... Being a certain race does not mean you have to listen to the music that is predominantly made by that race.

True love does NOT happen at age 13, amirite?