Getting a 3.99 GPA is more impressive than a 4.0 GPA since you'd have to take a metric ton of classes and score an A- in one of them and A+ in all the others. amirite?

Actually, you'd just have to take 100 courses and get 99 "A"s and one "B".

Humans are so poorly designed that a lot of us need alcohol just to talk to each other. amirite?

We're disconnected. Purposeless. :/

@UncleStuv Ken sent me

Hello Barbie! Let's go party!

December 31, 2017 is the only day where every adult was born in the 1900s and everyone else under 18 was born in the 2000s, amirite?
"Monosyllabic" is the most ironic word in the English language. "Ironic" comes in a close second. amirite?
In a good relationship, no one wears the pants. amirite?

Can confirm. Am in good relationship. Have not worn pants in years.

Coincidentally, I am also banned from almost every restaurant in my neighborhood.

Pretty bored huh? Maybe watch some "How it's made" on YouTube!

One of the sad part about growing up is to watch your loved ones taking more and more medicines. amirite?
People often think we're breathing oxygen, actually we're breathing Nitrogen(78%), Oxygen(21%), in argon sauce(1%), spiced up with a bit of CO2, H2O & a dash of neon and kypton. amirite?

The cashew is actually a legume.

Your nose is practically a vacuum so you technically wouldn't be wrong if you sniffed the house dust away with it, amirite?

So, snorting dust... cool

To infinity and beyond!

A milkshake a day keeps the bad vibes away. amirite?

It also brings the boys to the yard

People who say "quote" most likely do not say "end quote" meaning everything they say after has been one giant quote. amirite?

People tend to say "quote"blah blah blah"unquote". No one says end quote as far as I know.

The scary noises kids hear late at night are probably their parents having sex, amirite?

Its just the house settling

Some insects have no idea there is sunlight, amirite?

Light bulb is the sun for them. CHANGE MY MIND