Girls: You think it's attractive when guys are saving themselves for marriage, amirite?

No I don't really care

I wonder what inspired sitcoms to decide to put laugh tracks or a live audience laughing, between every joke on the show. Amirite?

its psychology. just the suggestion of laughing makes it seem more funny lol. like yawining

In most areas, women aren't allowed to be topless in public, but this is //not// a gender equality issue. Amirite?

yeah. men are not allowed to take their pants in public too

You wouldn't care so much about what other people think of you, if you knew how seldom they actually do.

I love it. This is beautiful. This is exactly the WAY IT IS in the real world, and how IT SHOULD BE TOLLLLDDDD girl.

Barbie isn't a good role model for little girls, considering that Made in China tattoo she so shamelessly brandishes, amirite?

She's proud of her true heritage! I think that's great role-modeling. Get to know your roots, barbie giiirrrl

One should never commit suicide for the sole reason that their life is hard, amirite?

You know. I don't agree with suicide. Not now, not ever. I think everyone has too much to live for. But committing suicide doesn't just have to do with a hard life. It has to do with that psychological mindset. You don't know how it is for people who are psychologically disturbed. It's hard, harder than any trauma.

When you realize you have to take your own advice, it can be very humbling. amirite?

Beautiful. One of the most beauitful things I have ever heard. Love it.

Someone women should never be allowed to have kids.. and just because you have a working uterus that you used to birth a wonderful baby girl doesn't make you her mom. Nurture and love would but selfish as some bitches are who have kids to feed off the government in my opinion are the scum of the earth. Some women cant even have kids.....

geez you seem a little biased, hella biased actually

We consider now the Democrats as the good guys and the Republicans as the bad guys. Not knowing that the Republican "Led by Abraham Lincoln" actually are the ones who forced the 13th Amendment (Abolition of Slavery) and the Democrats were against it. American politics sure is funny, amirite?

republicans back then are different than they are now., most of the republicans now are either super far right tea party, religious right, or neoconservative folk. theyre not the same as abraham lincoln. that was a hundred years ago

This website is full of wisdom and great knowledge.
@Abraham Mostly smart and wise people though.

True. after being on this site a while thats true

It would be cool if you could comment anonymously on Facebook like you can on here, amirite?

no lol people would be harassing people all over the place

It being socially unacceptable for people to say rude things about thick people, but completely fine when a thick person says a similarly rude comment about a thinner person, is ridiculous. There are plenty of ways to be supportive of heavier men and women without degrading the thinner ones, and vise versa, amirite?

YEAH! trying to hold back saying offensive things in general is dumb. I wish I could be as offensive as I want and people wouldn't be such prissy sugar plum fairies about it.

I'm not the only one who was on the verge of crying during the first week of college, amirite?

<3 everyone is having a hard time. all those stupid facebook posts about people "livin' up that college life," man, that's not true. I can take a picture of me smiling at 10 different places too, and it won't mean I'm happy.

Videogames are the scapegoat whenever there's any form of public violence by a minor. amirite?

WELLLLLLL.... what about the kid who thought that headshot was pretty cool? Then, "Mom can you buy me a BB gun? It doesn't hurt anyone..."