When he Said Make America Great Again What do you Suppose he Really Meant?
@Budwick Urwut - you realize that Trump didn't write the legislation currently under consideration, right? the rest of...

Come on, you're still defending this guy?
He doesn't give you pause at all?
Even his latest bullshit accusations about Obama and the UK and his childish display with Merkel doesn't send up a flag? The word delusional has never crossed your mind in the last few months?

Of course he didn't write it. He has no clue how anything in govt works. He's lucky he can write his name.
He did endorse it though and it isn't anything like he promised.
His budget is a joke even to republicans and he hasn't done shit. He's talked about it a lot but what has he done other than create a shitstorm to hide the corporate fleecing of America and pad his family's bank accounts?
He spent almost as much on vacations in a month as Obama spent in a year and he wants to end funding on renewables, gut social programs and consumer protection and let corporations do whatever they want.
He wants to add billions to a bloated military and security that already outspends the rest of the world combined.
He's killing the future as well as the present.
His approval rating is in the 30's and world confidence in the US has gone from 55% to 22%.

He's a poster boy for the collapse of an empire.

He and his swamp-mates are out to suck up as much wealth as they can before the country either goes down the tubes or their Fascist state stabilizes.

But don't worry. Fukushima will kill us before that happens.

Do you think women should be forced to have children?

I'm not trying to convince you . Whether you believe it or not is up to you but either way you'll have to do your own research.

Donald Trump's speech on foreign policy. I'm impressed.
@Maze Trump's healthcare plan: Congress must act. Our elected representatives in the House and Senate must: 1...

Sounds good as long as you don't think about it.

First, He's just putting responsibility on congress so nothing will change
Second, it wouldn't reduce health care costs.
Third, Drug companies will never change the law that prevents govt from negotiating price.
Forth, price transparency? Good luck with that.

What would really reduce cost is universal health care.
The paperwork alone would save billions not to mention equipment redundancy.
There are 5 MRI machines within 15 minutes of here that sit idle much of the time because each hospital has their own.

If you want to run the country like a business then you want totalitarian rule. That's what private business is.

And he still has proposed nothing that resembles a workable plan to accomplish anything.
It's like saying he'll get Mexico to build a wall. It's bluster and bullshit.


Oh, OK
Let's change the subject
The most liberal president? You can't be serious. We haven't had a liberal president since Carter who cut oil consumption by 25% and didn't bomb anyone. Had we continued on that path we wouldn't be in the middle of a mass extinction event now.

When all costs are taken into account fossil fuel and nuclear are the most expensive forms of energy known to man and the energy loan program has been turning a profit in spite of Solyndra. Overall 34.2 billion in loans with $780 million in defaults (2.3%) and $810 million collected in interest.
That's why republicans aren't barking about Solyndra anymore and renewables are getting cheaper every day. If they were subsidized like FF it would be no contest.
That doesn't even take into account the cost of the Navy protecting oil shipments 24/7, the depletion of potable water used in processing, health issues and pollution.
FF is not cheap by any means.
And who do you think pays the price for all that? The oil industry?
How many businesses were destroyed and jobs lost by deep water horizon? How much does a gulf cost these days?
We're still suffering the effects from Exxon Valdez and it's been 25 years.

The coal industry is fading because of market pressure and there's no such thing as clean coal.
How many people does the solar industry employ? It produced more jobs than FF in 2014 and 2015.

The US is the only country that has doubt about AGW and its cause. The oil industry knew about it since at least1982 from their own scientists and now that it's right before your eyes you still want to buy oil company propaganda while they use the tobacco company tactics
Baton Rouge has had 8 500 year storms in 2 years.

Jobs moved for one reason. Cheap labor and the ability to dump their toxic trash without having to deal with rules. Now the Chinese aren't used to breathing anything they can't see.
That's a truly hostile environment.

Maybe we should put lead back in gasoline to make oil companies happy.
Profit first is not conducive to real progress.

If we Had the Ability to Provide Health Care for Everyone Should we do it?

we double it first.

A few hours ago the US test fired an ICBM from Vandenberg AFB 4,200 miles to the Marshal Islands.
@PhilboydStudge We are "holding a wolf by the ears". You don't want to continue holding it, but you dare not let it go. The...

That IS the question. We'd have to get somebody besides the psychopaths in power now.
People are slowly starting to wake up.

Are we Bombing Syria Over the use of Chemical Weapons or is it for a Pipeline and Profit?

You assume I support Clinton and that Trump does not accept foreign donations.
Both assumptions are wrong.

It's not the people on Wall St. I dislike it's the system that creates them and perpetuates the madness of wage slavery and destruction for profit.

A 20% tax on imports to pay for the wall

You think that's going to keep drugs out? It won't even slow them down and it won't put a dent in illegal immigration either.
It should also be called what it is. They call it a wall but it's actually a fence. It's been planned and funded since the 80's.

Has the Magic of the Race Faded ?

You're crackin' me up but I can see it.

We should actively seek out obama supporters. We can start with the easy ones, those with bumper stickers, and who always praise obama. The founders would have been shooting against the progressives way before we reached this point, amirite?
@obama supporters are evil greedy people opposed to business. They just voted for the guy that promised to steal...

I'm not an Obama supporter but where do you get this drivel from?
The clear and present danger is not realizing you are misinformed.

A 20% tax on imports to pay for the wall

Some proof of drugs is not drug induced.
What about the other benefits of legalization?

No offense, but it's kind of hypocritical that we can make all-black schools, but if someone were to make an all-white school, they'd be considered racist. All schools should be integrated, amirite?