Can Someone Explain To Me How Obama's Formula For Economic Disaster Could Possibly Be Attributed To Trumps Obvious Economic Victory?
@Thinkerbell "There were quarters with 4% growth under Obama too. It doesn't mean shit." And there were quarters of negative...

Negative growth? That's not even possible.
Peace? When did that happen? We have been at war continuously since 1950 with a brief respite under Carter and even then military budgets increased every year as did weapon sales.
You do remember we had a crash in '08, right?
And regardless of GDP growth wages remain stagnant since the 70s.

So where is the Trump boom?

I felt compelled to renew / extend my NRA membership
@JustJimColo It's not about a "club." It's about resources and educating people on how to be safe while handling guns...

It's about money and lobbying. What little educating they do is Bullshit like this:

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="YouTube video thumbnailameborder="0" allow="autoplay; encrypted-media" allowfullscreen></iframe>

"We should pray for that woman" --- Liza Kavanaugh, 2018
@Budwick He told no lies. Even you are wavering on his guilt / innocence. He didn't lie.

Right, devil's triangle is a drinking game and he has a notoriously weak stomach and the witnesses said it didn't happen.
Not that it matters. If Kavanaugh doesn't make it they'll just throw another dart and put up a carbon copy.

This is more idiotic than most RW & LW bullshit. As if the right is bereft of wing nuts and liberalism leads to mass murder.
Get real.

The root cause of these acts is the same as most of the other social ills we suffer including alcoholism, suicide and teenage pregnancy.
It's the inequality and injustice created by the most destructive system known to man. American Capitalism. The same system that has half the people in the richest country in history in or near poverty and half on psychotropic drugs because it's profitable while a handful sit on trillions. Now they want to reward the crooks who evaded taxes by cutting their taxes.

How different would this country be if we locked up the real crooks?

After crashing the economy and illegally foreclosing on millions of families did any bankers, who had stolen billions, go to jail? No, we bailed them out. Money they used to give themselves bonuses.
When Wells Fargo recently defrauded its own customers of millions did anyone go to jail? But steal a loaf of bread to feed your family and they lock your ass up.

We should be going after the system that allows this insanity but this country is too brainwashed with free market bullshit to figure it out and idiotic crap like this is the proof.

Telecoms are Throttling Youtube & Netfix. Gee, What a Surprise.
@Budwick Government regulation, intervention on the Internet would be as helpful as government intervention on...

Single payer works everywhere.
No choice but govt. healthcare? What are you talking about?
The Internet is the last source of truth that corporate media doesn't control. You want to give them control.

"If you don't like what your ISP is doing, you will have the ability to change. Consumers (we the people) remain in control."

Where do you get your misinformation?

That is total bullshit. Change to what? Dial-up?
Cable, in most places, is like electricity and water. There's one provider per given area. There is no choice.

The ONLY thing neutrality does is keep providers from throttling back sites and censoring information.
Why would you give corporations the ability to censor information however they see fit?
Without neutrality the people aren't in control corporate media is or will be.

You want Comcast to determine how fast sites load so they can slow sites they don't like?
It screws any new business that doesn't have the money to pay for higher speeds. How is that good?

Abortion How many clinics have been shut down by ridiculous regulation? I think Alabama has 1 and most red states have an extremely limited access.,
Immigration: It's not all immigration just most of it.It largely depends on skin color.
Healthcare: Private medicine IS anti healthcare. So is cutting medi-care and pre-existing conditions
why do we spend twice as much for worse results?
Anti law: How many laws has the WH broken since Trump took office while the right is silent?
Anti Semitic: Who chants the Jews will not replace us?
Voter suppression: Voter ID is suppression and voter fraud is a joke. Trying to steal an election one vote at a time is the dumbest way known to man to go about it.
There is no voter fraud and every investigation has shown that it doesn't exist.
Voter crosscheck is major suppression and so is cutting the number of voting stations to a ridiculously low number in black communities.
Meanwhile Moscow Mitch has blocked every single bill to strengthen elections

I'm tied of typing.

Joe Biden would get his ass kicked by Trump, amirite?
@Wunderscore The thing about elections is that people are motivated to support people that they agree with, but they're also...

We need rank choice voting along with publicly funded elections and a return to equal time in the media.
I don't don't know that I'd call Trump very popular. He's been between 35 and 40% his entire term.

The bigger the turn out the better. A large turn out makes it harder for republicans to win. That's why they work so hard at voter suppression.

Almost all of Bernie Sanders' proposed policies poll at well over 50% and he has no skeletons. He's so clean he squeaks and he has no trouble calling out bullshit.
Biden has a laundry list of bad moves and can't stop putting his foot in his mouth.
The more he talks the lower his numbers and his policies are Hillary 2.0.

Is the stock market good for the economy? Why?. Moreover, is it still of use nowadays?

The stock market is no longer viable. It takes billions from and contributes nothing of value to society.

When there are people who get a lot of money from things the don't produce
There must be people who produce a lot of things for money they don't get

The market does not create wealth. It's built on BS. It's no longer an investment in businesses.

The Corporate Media is Smearing Bernie Sanders . . . . Again.
He Scares the Establishment to Death

I guess Google is hard to get where you are.
Right wing propaganda rots your brain.
Yeah, Trump donated his check.
I wonder why he didn't donate to the Trump Foundation.
Oh, that's right. He had to close that because he was using donated funds to pay his court fines and buy portraits of himself.

The most corrupt president in modern history.
He ,makes Obama look like a boyscout.

How many laws does Trump have to break before you see him for the charlatan he is??
"I don't do cover ups." Said the guy with the biggest comb over in the country
He won't make it through his first term.

Capitalism is the most destructive system known to man. It rewards exploitation and corruption while it stifles technology and innovation.
It's the reason we probably won't last another decade.

Telecoms are Throttling Youtube & Netfix. Gee, What a Surprise.
@Budwick Have you forgotten about Obamacare? EVERY one HAD to get Obama approved health insurance or be fined. Coverage...

Obamacare was a republican plan and has nothing to do with neutrality.

If I don't like comcast switch? There's nothing to switch to and if there was it would be exactly the same.

All neutrality does is list ISPs as utilities. Like phone, power or water. Publicly held and answerable to the
public, at least to a point. Because it's a monopoly in a given area. I get power from SDG&E. I don't have a choice. Internet cable is also a monopoly in a given area. If you live in one part of town it's Cox and in another part of town it's Time Warner. There is no choice. They're probably owned by the same conglomerate anyway.

Removal of neutrality allows ISPs to decide what information you get and at what speed.
And you don't have a problem with that???

The story that is being hidden about the terrible shooting in Oregon; you ask? He was there to kill Christians; plain and simple..he killed the christians and the non-christians or those who wouldn't answer; he shot them in the leg(s)..this has NOTHING to do with gun control; it is the unreported systamtic murders of christians across the world..if the President was so worried about gun control; he needs to go home and stop it FIRST in is a real slaughter house that is not in the news......I am a Jesus lover; NOT a Christian..I will NEVER be Christ-like..I just take it one day at a time; and pray for guidance....protect our brothers and sisters here and abroad....we live in a EVIL TIME.

Hidden? Maybe if you live under a rock.The only part being suppressed is that he was a "non religious" right wing Christian.

I guess he was non religious until he was armed.

@Anonymousmouse CAN;T HAVE CHRISTIAN symbolism in public then cannot have anything atheist or of any other beliefs in public, that...

Atheism and evolution are not beliefs, in fact, Atheism is the lack of belief and evolution is a scientific theory with more supporting evidence than the theory of gravity or relativity.

Neither Atheism nor evolution have symbols.
There are no rituals, temples, rules of behavior, penalties for non belief or any of the other trappings of a belief system.

Conservatives are an embarrassment to the entire country

Quoting the man responsible for WW2 is certainly convincing.
Cons didn't grow up they sold out

If everyone stopped eating beef or dairy do you think cows would go extinct?

Well, they are the only animal you can hunt with a hammer.