The Civil War was about Slavery, Amirite?

The Civil War, like all wars, was economic. It's always about money.

Do Conservatives Like the Taste of Bullshit?
@Budwick 'Rent-a-mob' zealot caught red-handed at Trump riot Read more at...

That's as ridiculous than the last one.
How do you know they weren't paid to say they were being paid?
How many Trump "supporters" were being paid?

I wouldn't be surprised if Trump hired the violent protesters in San Jose to give the real protesters a bad name and ensure it got major news coverage..
That's his style of marketing

Conservatives have lost it. How anyone could think these lunatics are presidential material is a mystery. Amirite?
@Budwick Guess what's happening? The climate is continuing to change as it always has. The only difference is that there...

You're arguing with yourself
I never mentioned carbon taxes and
I prefer FOX. It's far less subtle.

@Budwick I don't think Obama ever said that. And HE is responsible for the divisiveness in the country. All by design...

Sure he is. Unlike Trump who is really uniting the country
Cons are all about bringing people together.
Except for gays or Muslims or Atheists or liberals or Mexicans or Blacks.

The one term agenda and no compromise was uniting the country until evil Obama, the Kenyan Muslim, sent that letter to Iran and wasted all that time and money fighting the debt ceiling and witch hunting Benghazi. If he hadn't broken the filibuster record 2 years ago we'd be much better off today.

No offense, but it's kind of hypocritical that we can make all-black schools, but if someone were to make an all-white school, they'd be considered racist. All schools should be integrated, amirite?

Here we go again. The fear mongers are pumping ads in response to the boycotts and student gun demonstrations. Watch out for those evil liberals. They're coming to take your guns and your rights. Be very afraid.

How can you be manipulated so easily?

We're being brainwashed by virtually all media from the day we're born. Thanks to Clinton there are 5 companies that control 90% of the media. TV, Cable, newspapers, magazines, movies, radio, you name it.

They all pump the same message. If you think most main stream is liberal you're buying the establishment meme. They create the illusion of choice and intentionally create wedge issues to keep people at odds.

That's why many people vehemently defend the system that exploits them.
They've been convinced by the constant bombardment of propaganda that it's the best we can do which is a load of bullshit.
why people believe humans are greedy and combative by nature, another load of bullshit.
The system creates greed and conflict through scarcity and those at the top want to keep it that way. They pit the middle class against the poor and use the poor to threaten the middle class. Whatever it takes to keep the people divided.

If you think you're being robbed by someone lower on the economic ladder than you, you're being manipulated by someone higher on the economic ladder than you.

What do You Know? Obama Didn't Become a Dictator

Faults yes. The same? Not even close. I wasn't thrilled with Obama and just because you didn't see it doesn't mean it didn't happen. He didn't spend a week lying about the size of the crowd, whining about the popular vote and getting his policy from FOX while believe idiotic things like 3 million illegals voting because his ego was bruised.
Trump has the emotional maturity of a 14 year old girl and the stability and self control of a grease fire.

This is how the media is Incredibly biased against Bernie Sanders
The only rational choice in 2020, amirite?
Is Revolution Brewing in the US?
@Budwick Thank you for a well reasoned and explained retort! It's true that the biggest benefactors of the tax cut will be...

The middle class cuts are not huge and when stacked against the elimination of deductions and tuition wavers as income is even less. They also expire in 10 years while corporate and cap. gains cuts are permanent.
The majority of investment is not in start-ups it's in trading and after the original stock sale the company doesn't see anything from the rise and fall in stock prices. Rent seeking "investment" produces nothing.
Financial institutions,hedge funds and banks contribute nothing of any real value.

Social programs benefit everyone including the wealthy. Greater equality reduces societal ills across the board from alcoholism and violent crime to teenage pregnancy.

That "frozen" money will stay frozen. Do you think it will spark some kind of spending spree?

Is Capitalism Failing?
@Anonymousmouse nothing wrong with capitalism, those against it are hypocritical idiots. the t-shirt on their back is acquired...

If it's so successful where is the massive wealth gap coming from? Why does almost half the population in the richest country in the world require govt assistance at some point?

Capitalism is the most wasteful and destructive force on the planet and Communism isn't the only alternative.


and still I don't care

What do You Know? Obama Didn't Become a Dictator
Can Someone Explain To Me How Obama's Formula For Economic Disaster Could Possibly Be Attributed To Trumps Obvious Economic Victory?
I think with the new tax bill the typical American household, two parents, two kids, a few limited liability partnerships, a couple of individual real estate LLC’s, and three or four investment vehicles throwing off streams of passive income, will be doing quite well.

According to virtually every economist on the planet.

The video is a joke. There are aspects of the bill that I would be in favor of but the negatives far outweigh the positives.