Post a favourite protest song....
Post a favourite protest song....

Randy Newman Political Science
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Trump is the Laziest President in History

Bunch of whining maggots

Do you talk to yourself?

Yes, I'm the only one I can get a civil answer from anymore.


People who think they know everything are very annoying to those of us who do.

Hypocrisy at it's Finest
You don't like how in american culture, mainly on the internet, conservatives are made to feel like outliers in society, or that we are all hateful, mostly immoral people, when it is really quite the opposite.

Conservatives are on the wrong side of virtually every issue which is why it's a wonder they ever get elected
What person in their right mind would support a one term agenda.
It's like hiring somebody who tells you they will do their best to make things worse.
Not only will they not do the job they were hired to do, they'll do everything they can to prevent everyone else from doing theirs.

4.5 Billion year old Earth is a better explanation than 6,000 year old Earth, amirite?

Creationism is for the non-thinking and It cracks me up when I hear the term creation science but then almost everything creationists say cracks me up.

Are you kidding? If women knew what I was thinking they'd never stop slapping me

Wonders never cease. I never thought I'd say this but way to go, Trump!

Have you thought about how astronomically large the odds were against your ever having been born?

It's no big deal it happens every day.

Is Revolution Brewing in the US?

Most of the half who don't pay taxes are retired although I have more in my pocket than B of A and GE combined paid in taxes the last 5 years.

Rich people with more money don't buy any more stuff than they usually do. They put it in an account. A recent meeting of major corporate heads were asked if tax cuts would be invested into business growth. Guess how many hands went up.

The idea that giving more money to those who don't need it creates jobs is bullshit. Trickle down is a lie. It didn't work for Reagan. It didn't work for Bush and it won't do anything this time except expand the wealth gap.
Hiring new people is the last resort of any business and only happens when demand is not being met and there are no other options.

The reason you don't hear about Iran and Russia sending aid is not because it doesn't happen. It's because it doesn't get reported.

We don't give our wealth away. Foreign aid is less than 1%.

This is pathetic...

Spelling is stupid.
Einstein has the "I" before "E" thing wrong twice in his name.

Why should liberals be VERY careful how they answer this?

It's money.

Take Jackie Onasis. When they mentioned that Ari was a little short for her she said "he looks much taller when he's standing on his money"
Look at Mnuchin's wife Louise something, Litton maybe? Money.
Mick Jagger's ex who already made a grown man cry is now trying to make a dead man cum. Again money.

What is something that you think is unfair?

and you can only get a loan if you don't need the money