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Is Trump Making America Great??

We've had positive job growth for years. It didn't just start when Trump was elected and the numbers are no higher and the jobs no better than they have been. He tried to take credit for Ford and GM but the decisions were made before he even started to run. Carrier plans to use that 13 million dollar gift to automate.
What a great deal.
To say nothing of obstruction of justice in the Flynn case.

He gave up classified info bragging to the Russians .
In the oval office no less. Then stupidly verified Israel,which he didn't know was part of the Middle East, as the source and gave more classified info to the butcher from the Philipines.
Of course none of this gives you pause.
Or that he doubled the rates at Trump Tower and Mar-a-lago now that taxpayers are picking up the tab.
No conflict of interest there. Or the missiles that boosted his Raytheon stock. 60 million plus and the airport was up the next day.
His approval rating is already below 40% and the only crisis he's had to deal with are the ones he created.
He's starting to unravel and his bullshit isn't working anymore

Liberals are a disease killing America

It's nice to see scapegoating is still the mainstay of conservative rhetoric.
There is no problem so large it can't be blamed on somebody else.

As long as the earth has had climate, it has been changing!

Right, so let's just keep polluting because oil profit is the only thing that matters and the "I'm not a scientist" crowd must know more than actual scientists.
It's better to ignore science and listen to the Koch whores whose only concern is the American people.

Will 9/11 ever be investigated?

The terrorists wouldn't have access to the buildings or access to the type of explosives in the dust.
Nano-thermite only comes from one place. The US military.
They also wouldn't be able to coerce NIST into flat out lying and ignoring eye witnesses

The fact that bldg 7 accelerated to free fall is proof explosives were used and doesn't require belief in anything but the laws of physics.
Once that is established it becomes a question of who had access to the buildings.

There are dozens of bldgs that burned far longer and much hotter and not only didn't collapse but the structures are still in use.

You either didn't watch the video or you just refuse to believe the facts.

What Would it Take to Convince You Trump was a Mistake?

Obviously the bullshit isn't deep enough for you yet.
Had Trump done what he said and gone after the banks and WS instead of pulling back the only thing that kept them from crashing the economy again or not come up with the idiotic notion of getting rid of 2 regs for 1 enacted which shows good or bad is irrelevant or maybe held a speech that wasn't about how much he thinks he won by and or how "fine tuned" his chaos is or maybe if he just spoke above a fourth grade level once in a while and wasn't such a condescending prick it might shut me up a little.
Now it's your turn.

Will 9/11 ever be investigated?

It's not impossible to set bombs when you're running a new security system and renovating elevators.
They had 10 months of access to elevator shafts and the core.
Bush's brother and cousin ran the security company for the WTC, Dulles Airport and United Airlines

There's one fact that is inescapable. Free fall speed.
The acceleration of collapse is only possible if all resistance is removed regardless of mass.
Bldg 7 fell at free fall for 200 ft.
That's pretty much game, set and match unless you suspend the laws of physics.
Add to that:
They found explosives in the dust.
Molten steel at the bottom of all 3 buildings 6 weeks later.
Hundreds of witnesses to explosions yet the commission didn't even look. (That's a felony).
Video of a blasted out lobby before collapse.

There are mountains of evidence.
YouTube video thumbnail

What is something that you think is unfair?

Would you like that alphabetically or in order of importance?

Have you ever been thrown out of someplace?

I'm no longer welcome in the state of Utah does that count?

Trump is the Laziest President in History

Really? I may have to find another forum. I have a problem with censorship even if it's balanced.
If I take the time and effort to type it they'd better post it. I hate typing almost as much as I hate paperwork.

Kudos to Fox News and Cavuto for finally waking up to the fact that Trump is the one causing the problems in our nation. He isn't draining the swamp, he's adding more slime to that swamp with his lies and corruption. Everyday there is another scandal, chaos in the highest office in the land, how sad. It's not a certain party that is full of hate, it's President Trump and his band of crooks that do his bidding.

Trump is the swamp master.
We don't even see this level of corruption in the third world.
What I'd like to know is how he keeps his base.

Net Neutrality: For or Against?
@Maze We're talking about the repeal of FCC rules that were brought in 2 years ago. Was the internet more free or less...

Ending T2 rating would allow ISP's to slow loading times of whichever sites they choose.
You don't see a problem there?
If you want corporate control of your information then killing T2 would be the ticket.

Verizon and AT&T built their wireless networks under T2 and did just fine.

In answer to your question I don't think the Internet is any less free than it was 2 years ago. There's more bullshit but I don't see sites being stifled except for on youtube and they aren't throttling them just
de-monetizing to make it harder for them to operate because they don't like the sites content and BECAUSE THEY CAN. What do you think would happen if they controlled your information?

It would all be mainstream. That may not be a direct issue for you but the majority will buy whatever they're fed. We're so heavily indoctrinated now that it's hard to resist being manipulated by the daily barrage of bullshit even when you're aware of it. Keep in mind we live in the largest, most prolific propaganda machine on the planet and they've gotten very good at it over the years.

When you give up the club as a means of societal control you have to control how and what people think.

Club Shooter, Omar Mateen Was a Registered Democrat

Your point being what? That is should be branded democratic terrorism?
I thought democrats were anti gun, pro gay.
Conservatives never cease to crack me up.

On a Scale of 1 to 10 How Would Rate the Trump Administration?
Post a favourite protest song....