Has Anything Good Ever Come From Deregulation?

Yeah, you're right. That's a load of crap and I'm sure Nestle is behind it. They've bought up a lot of water rights around the world and they're in the process of draining the great lakes.
We had the same rolling brownouts here and it was all BS from Enron.
It seems the bad regs are the ones proposed by corporations

Trump is the Laziest President in History
@Budwick This post is ; Stupid Desperate Pointless Factless False Hey, look at that! The DNC Platform!

Denial of the truth doesn't make it any less true and the DNC is no better or worse than the GOP. They both suck.

This is a positively perplexing poser of ponder-able proportions.

Because of clueless PETA, the "Circus will not be Coming to Town."
@dru18 The point I was making, is that there are far worse things happening to tigers than teaching them tricks. And there...

I understand that there are worse things and I agree that poaching is a much bigger problem than circuses. This is one of the external costs of Capitalism.

25% of all Mammals are at Risk of Extintion
@Maze "Sunscreens Cause Coral Bleaching by Promoting Viral Infections" https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pm...es/PMC2291018/

The main cause of coral bleaching has been shown to be thermal stress. Warmer ocean temperatures destroy algae and microorganisms that the coral need for survival

An Easy Solution to National Debt
@Maze Central banks create money out of thin air and lend it to governments and banks at interest. Thus, there is never...

You nailed it. Now it's even easier for the crooks. They don't even incur printing costs.

The United States of Debt Slaves

Conservatives have lost it. How anyone could think these lunatics are presidential material is a mystery. Amirite?

Hey, wait a second. You've been paying attention again haven't you?
You can get in a lot of trouble for that.

Trump is the Laziest President in History
Because of clueless PETA, the "Circus will not be Coming to Town."
Another sham investigation led by 'Mr. Tax Fraud', himself. How many witnesses were not interviewed?Hmmm....I think there was about forty in the last count I saw. So yes, ladies and gentlemen, we have two perverts now in the position of government power, little Donnie Trump, and little Bart K. Two spoiled brats who not only feel entitled but obviously don't know what "Fuck off your creep!" means. November can't come fast enough for me.

You want more of Obama's records when Trump won't even release tax returns. What's he hiding? And Obama isn't running for anything! Is that your defense of this charade?
You guys are a riot.
It's no wonder you'd call that an investigation.

That was a farce and everyone knows it. Even you know it.
Witnesses contacted the FBI offering information. They weren't interviewed. A list of 20 names from Ford's attorney. none were interviewed. A list of 8 from Ford. Guess how many were interviewed. They couldn't even interview Ford or Kavanaugh and they weren't allowed to investigate his drinking. But they had a whole week to do it.

Is it your contention that this was anything but a dog and pony show?
Is this your idea of justice?
You're going to keep supporting this bullshit until we lose the few rights we have left.


He's already getting rich writing fiction. So is his wife.
Keeping in mind he's #2 in republican polls, behind Trump no less, what do you make of the 16 election?
Could America really be that stupid?

I think it's bit sick but if it keeps somebody off a real kid I say go for it.
You know what they say. Open the sears catalog to any page and somebody somewhere has a thing for it. I read an article one time about a guy who got off by swallowing shaved barbie doll heads.

Kudos to Fox News and Cavuto for finally waking up to the fact that Trump is the one causing the problems in our nation. He isn't draining the swamp, he's adding more slime to that swamp with his lies and corruption. Everyday there is another scandal, chaos in the highest office in the land, how sad. It's not a certain party that is full of hate, it's President Trump and his band of crooks that do his bidding.

The problem with that is it would give us Pence who would be more efficient at dismantling the country.

Trump is the Laziest President in History
@hootowl He did more in one year to get this country going.Then Obama did in 8 years.God Bless him.

The country is doing about the same just more divided, more polluted and less safe.
What did he actually do? The only people better off are Trump and his donors.
They're already talking about cuts to medicare and SS.
He's giving another 100 billion to the military, the most wasteful organization on the face of the Earth, while cutting school lunches, meals on wheels and every other social & environmental program.
Same old crap. Billions to kill, nothing to help.

Do you think our government had a hand in 9/11?

It's blatantly obvious the govt was not only involved but did the planning.
The evidence is overwhelming.
It's distressing that there are people who refuse to believe their govt is capable of such treachery. As if human nature had changed the day pilgrims landed at Plymouth Rock.
The NIST and commission reports are an insult to the intelligence and would be laughable under other conditions. Just the fact that they said they "found no evidence explosives were used" yet neglected to mention they didn't look isn't just telling it's a felony although after removing evidence from the scene of a crime it's almost negligible.
Unless the laws of physics were suspended on 9/11 the govt was involved.