I refuse to fill in the blank for you

If you could pick absolutely anything to be your form of transportation, what would it be?


Trump is the Laziest President in History
@ozzyboy A lot of adjectives can be applied to Trump. Lazy is just not one of them.

I guess watching TV, riding golf carts and tweeting really takes it out of you. No wonder he needs so much vacation time.

Is Revolution Brewing in the US?

In the US today 3 people own as much as the bottom 50% with 1/10 of 1% of the population owning more than the bottom 90%.

She said "We need to talk"
I heard "You need a lawyer"

Because of clueless PETA, the "Circus will not be Coming to Town."

You can't be serious. Even the most luxurious cage is still captivity. Forcing animals to sing and dance for their dinner to amuse a crowd of mindless primates is barbaric. I don't like PETA either but occasionally the stumble across a clue.

Just try to remember that along with all that power comes responsibility.

Sometimes I think the purpose of my life is to serve as a warning to others.

What are your thoughts about facial hair?

Who doesn't love a woman with a Fu?

Hypocrisy at it's Finest

This admin is without doubt the worst in history. The scary part is people actually buy his bullshit

What is something that you think is unfair?

Would you like that alphabetically or in order of importance?

What is something that you think is unfair?
Club Shooter, Omar Mateen Was a Registered Democrat

Your point being what? That is should be branded democratic terrorism?
I thought democrats were anti gun, pro gay.
Conservatives never cease to crack me up.

Hypocrisy at it's Finest

Oh right I forgot his 200 million dollar a day trip to India. You might want to verify that source. 1.4 B is 14.5 million a month. Absolutely absurd.

On a Scale of 1 to 10 How Would Rate the Trump Administration?
@StarzAbove So far, it's been a disaster.

Agreed. I was hoping he'd surprise me. He didn't