Welcome to the First Man-Made Mass Extinction Event. Playing Now on a Planet Near You.

That is SO damn disturbing. Even if I didn't and haven't always cared about that whole other world of life in the oceans, it would be.

Welcome to the First Man-Made Mass Extinction Event. Playing Now on a Planet Near You.

I think the problem is that there is very little print media any longer. Once they went to talking heads on TV, journalism was doomed. They just can't completely cover a story in the 3 minutes allotted them. People like Cronkite, Huntley/Brinkley and some of the others were all print journalists before TV. The ones coming up now, go to college, then right into broadcast TV, and don't have the experience to cover a story from all sides.
Just a sad sign of the times I guess.

Starbucks coffee. So overpriced for the product that they must be staying in business because the snob appeal attracts enough customers to keep them profitable regardless of their poor value for the dollar.

Democrats vs. Republicans. You do the math

I applaud you. You are exactly right. Liberals are called all kinds of nasty names and nothing is done about it. But we post the truth about Trump and all hell breaks lose.

There's one conservative poster that wants to kill all liberals, and yet we hear nothing from the Trumpsters..... another conservative person calls all liberals ignorant, disses our education, and of course others remain quiet.....hypocrisy is at it's height on this site.

Then we have those who, whenever a liberal makes a political post, even though we go after Trump, never calling the conservatives nasty names, then those very same people are saying they don't like the political posts....if so, then stay off of them. But yet I see them on all political posts. Believe me, I won't be offended if you stay off of my posts.

@urwutuis that's not a gerbil it's a hamster

As long as it doesn't smell of elderberries...

if you voted for hilary yet are angry at Kavenaugh then you are a hypocrite of mass proportion,
only, one actually happened (Hilary) the other is a smear campaign

Most people I talk to are not "angry" at Kavanaugh, they think:
1) He is unfit for a lifetime appointment to SCoTUS, or that
2) The Republicans are applying a double standard by insisting on a vote before the election

He was not accused of rape.
I have laughed when I was uncomfortable recounting a bad decision. Just because someone laughs doesn't mean they find something funny, sometimes it is a defensive mechanism to cover embarrassment.

Personally I see two very big red flags in Kavanaugh; His demeanor while answering his accuser, and his overt disdain of non-republicans which he doesn't even try to hide. To me, those two issues alone should be enough to derail his nomination.

The fact that many people thought Hillary or Donald were unfit for office only shows that in a democracy we each get to have opinions. It is only sad when we feel the need to gaslight a debate rather than actually defending the opinion we posit.

The bottom line is - not winning a seat on SCoTUS is not a punishment, it is a lack of reward. Kavanaugh will not go to jail, he will not lose his current job or his money or his freedom, he would only "not" get a job. Because this is such an important role in our society I don't feel that it is possible to be overly cautious. Surely there are other nominees that our President could proffer.

No, not at all. It's caused by corporate greed.

Another sham investigation led by 'Mr. Tax Fraud', himself. How many witnesses were not interviewed?Hmmm....I think there was about forty in the last count I saw. So yes, ladies and gentlemen, we have two perverts now in the position of government power, little Donnie Trump, and little Bart K. Two spoiled brats who not only feel entitled but obviously don't know what "Fuck off your creep!" means. November can't come fast enough for me.

Oh for God's sake, quit throwing everything but the kitchen sink in when it comes to replying. This is not smoking weed or drinking beer, this accusation has a man holding a girl down on the bed with his hand covering her mouth.