Corporate Media is Slamming Trump for Peace

Maybe he can teach the N. Korean guy to play golf....then they can become best buddies forever. I wonder how much taxpayers money it will take to fly Trump over every weekend to play golf with the N. Koreans, of course, after he builds his golf course there? You think?

Does the President Have the Right to Pardon Himself?

No, but he thinks he's above the law. His speaking of pardoning himself all the time, is just telling all of us that he is guilty! If a judge was found guilty of a crime, he couldn't pardon himself, and neither can the president.

You're right, OP, it's gonna get worse day by day as long as Trump is in office.

Does the President Have the Right to Pardon Himself?

Trump He thinks he can - but I do not agree. Even the queen of england has to behave properly or that government will do something.

This strange wolf-like animal shot in Montana. What am I? Is this a coywolf? Something else? What say you?
@urwutuis I'm more inclined to ask why they shot it than what it is. It's like Sara Palin shooting wolves from a helicopter...

The article said it was killing livestock.

Maybe they should have made a sacrifice to it, it might have been a god. You never know.

We're in a car Doing 90 Heading Straight for a Cliff and Everyone is Arguing Over Where They Want to Sit

But also where do you suggest to get enough energy for everyone then?

We're in a car Doing 90 Heading Straight for a Cliff and Everyone is Arguing Over Where They Want to Sit

Trump doesn't believe climate change.... so what can we do. When he finally wakes up, it will be too late.

Flattery will get you_____! Amirite? Please fill in the blank.
@urwutuis Arrested.

ahaha In this day and age, one has to be careful who they pay a compliment to!!!! lol we're easing regulations on banks...the most TRUSTWORTHY of ALLLLLLLL industries -cough-
@VicZinc This morning, it was announced that America’s banking sector hit a new record high of $56 billion in net income...

The economy is boooming.....if you're already rich.... The rest of us......oop looks like we're SCREWED AGAIN!!!

You are sick of me harping on Trump? Yes, every president has waffled. Yes, Hillary was a risky choice, and she lost. Fine. But how can you defend this guy who is obviously using the office for the purpose of enriching himself and his family? Yesterday it was reversing a JD ruling on ZTE for half a$billion invested in Trump properties by China. Today we learn Qatar will invest $1.5billion in Jared Kushner's property. Last year Trump said Qatar was a terrorist nation, suddenly they are our worthy allies? If you are willing to support Trump's corrupt regime for a measly tax cut, then you better not lecture me on patriotism and the constitution. All it takes is for good people to turn a blind eye.

You made a choice. Every woman has the right to make her own. It is the law and has been for almost 50 years.
And because of planned parenthood the number of abortions has fallen.
How many times do i have to say that i am not anti gun. I know of no one who is.
There are many policies that i dont agree with. But im not going into them, because you dont really want to know.
Im stupid, remember? Why do you choose to question a stupid person? Just to think that my answers are stupid.
You rant and rave. Find another to go off on.

Could I be wrong about Trump?
@Budwick I voted for the things he said he would do. He was a long shot, an outsider, knew how to garner media attention and...

He hasn't done anything, Budwick. He inherited a growing economy from his predecessor. The job gains have been decreasing for four months now, and most of the jobs have been part time with wages on the low side.

Health care costs will be spiking (High) this year. Other costs are going up as well.

North Korea is pulling back from meeting Trump and the Israel/Palestinian two state solution is now in the toilet. And this is all thanks to Trump.

Could I be wrong about Trump?
@Budwick You get + 5 points for party agenda loyalty. They're not good for anything, but by golly, you got 'em!

And you get a -5 for not being better informed on what YOUR president either HASN'T DONE or totally SCREWED UP.