If you go 20 years into the future to meet your old self, you would find out that you've been missing for 20 years, amirite?

you wouldn't be visiting the same timeline. a branch in your timeline would be created and youd visit the older you from that one. it can be complicated but there are plenty of articles that discuss it and even youtube channels.

The greatest form of control is where you think you're free, when you're being fundamentally manipulated and dictated to. amirite?
With all of the deep dives and drilling down podcasters are doing these days, the future of humanity will be just fine. amirite?

I was completely blind to the dangers of Onision beforehand. Now I know.

A Roman wouldn't understand why XL is a bigger size than L in clothing. amirite?

Hey this is pretty good

When working in binary, the reduced digit sum of any number will be 1, amirite?
About a quarter of the time, a straight guy can't tell if another man has a handsome face or not, amirite?

25% of the time it works every time.

Whoever is deciding the ratio of the size of a jar of salsa to the size of a bag of tortilla chips is way off. amirite?
Metallica is an extreme boy band, amirite?
@LookAnAltAccount Nothing to else matter

So if nothing else matters, then... am I evil?

The most logical fear that everyone chooses to ignore is the fear of ones self, amirite?
@Nickyikky my biggest fear are gas ovens

That's an interesting one and I feel as if there is a story behind it

Bird fetus feed us. amirite?

Fetus may as well be feedus

Us guys can't move our wieners without clenching our butts, amirite?
@bismith5000 What about Canadian guys?

They squeeze their wieners to move their buttholes

In-n-out is the most ironically named fast food brand, amirite?
@Jakubklementewicz That's not how irony works

being the slowest place while being named after a quick action is literally ironic.

Bread crumbs are a hansel and grettle gpa, amirite?

A Hansel and Gretel gpa is probably around a 3.2

V looks like a simple drawing of Vagina in front whereas P looks a minimalistic drawing of Penis with balls in sideview. amirite?

This man is a genius

All ancient prophets could have been schizophrenic. amirite?