Blacked out drunk people never know or think that they're blacked out and won't remember it the next day, amirite?

I do this every time, knowing I won't remember.

I purposely leave myself drunk sticky notes on plans/things I messed up that evening, such as breaking a glass in the sink.

Craigslist is literally 4Chan for Boomers. amirite?
You are connected to many countries & thousands of people just from the road in front of your house. amirite?
We all won a race we didn't sign up for, amirite?
In the past whenever your friend ask if you have the "full game" , it's because they were playing the demo version. Now, when they ask if you have the full game, it's because they only have the base game and none of the DLCs, amirite?

Pepperage farm remembers when I played the crap out of demo disks. I think I played LHX Attack Chopper dowloadable mission for years without buying the game.

Food companies changing ingredients (and in doing so often flavor) are following cost cutting procedures rather than health trends. amirite?

Or often just confirming to the latest fad

Michelangelo could have been a real troll by making the Statue of David "disproportionate", sparking insecurities everywhere. amirite?

Well, the statue is 17 feet tall.

When you are in a scary place with one other person you are less afraid because the chances of something bad happening to you are reduced by 50%. amirite?

Unless it is the other person you're scared of.

We are the next fossil fuel. amirite?

reincarnation ?