Pretending to be homeless and collecting money from strangers is being a paid actor. amirite?

There was an older lady I gave $100 dollars to years ago because she gave me a story about how she was stuck here because her boyfriend had kicked her out and she needed to get home to Sask.

Caught her buying booze with another old haggard looking dude, took my L but called her an asshole, lmfao.

Using the Braille writing system you could cheat on tests at school and never get caught. amirite?
@Manualham What if there was a way to memorize a generic set of rules that you could use to figure out the answers to any of...

What if you could spend some time before the test , studying the type of material thats on the test, then that way you can totally use that knowledge to cheat

If you are what you eat, then all cannibals are innocent, amirite?

Thank you

No one remebers what they ate last month, amirite?

I never remeber


A majority of fans are likely only used to produce white noise, amirite?

You seem like a cool person. ;)

90% of lies told are out of kindness or convenience, and not particularly immoral, amirite?
the Tower of Pisa is leaning is because it had better reflexes than the Twin Towers, amirite?

You may be on to somethingšŸ¤”

XS, sure. Small, yep. XL, XXL, even XXXXXL? Mmm, OK. XM? NO WAY! There is only medium. amirite?

Where the heck did you even hear that phrase? I've never heard someone say extra medium.

Mid-night is actually more like 2a, amirite?
@Crazymotherfuker How?

I think op is saying more like "mid-night" (middle night - based on nighttime / dark hours).

I could be wrong though.

The brightness of memories gets lower as they age. amirite?

Not true. You would remember you most precious memories even when you grow old. It depends on the memory, and it's impact on you.

The biggest thing you'll ever see, seems to be the the smallest thing you ever saw. amirite?
The difference between the number of times you have entered and exited any room anywhere is only ever a maximum of 1. amirite?
@Missannthropic Is that the same if you walk into a room and die in it

If someone dies in a room, they entered once more than they left. Thus maximum difference between the numbers is 1

We're lucky that cutting hair doesn't hurt, amirite?
We're lucky that cutting hair doesn't hurt, amirite?

It does. The brushes against my delicate flesh. The pulling. Nope.

Cold pizza is cooked, amirite?