About me.

Hey there, My name is Victoria, but please call me Vicky. I hate my name. I wish it was Alexis so people could call me Alex... dunno, just always wanted that to be my name.
So... here's some things about me:
1) I'm 16. 17 on March 22.
2) I'm French-Canadian, German, and Navajo.
3) I speak fluent French y smilie ~Bonjour! Donc, je vois que vous traduit ce. Cela vous rend génial.~
4) I have shoulder length blond hair that's curly but I straighten it so it's regularly stick straight.
5) I'm 5' 6". Yes, I'm short. Shuddup.
6) I know that everybody says this but... I LOVE MY FRIENDS. Seriously, I think God took a handful of the awesomest people in the world and dumped them all into my town.
7) I ate a butterfly when I was four. Yes, Scup, I did. I don't care if I'm going to hell.
8) I have a twin sister, Shelly. We do pretty much EVERYTHING together even though she makes me want to kill babies sometimes. d smilie
9) I also have an older brother and an older sister. They're both in college rite now though.
10) I love Chinese food. Sososos much.
11) I don't like Obama. wary smilie Only because he wants to make our summer only one month long and.... no. n smilie
12) I... used to not care about grammar at all and i wud talk like dis, but this site kinda made me a grammar freak so... yeah.
13) I love Summer. I hate the cold.
14) I play flute and piano.
15) I do gymnastics and I play soccer and basketball... that sort of made me sound athletic... hehe smilie
16) I live in Montana. I'm not a hick y'hear. -_-
17) I'm genuinely a really happy person :)
18) I'm going to Australia for college in a year and I'm so excited!!!
19) I can't wait to be somewhere warm.
21) I love Shane Dawson, Charlieissocoollike, Nigahiga, and Davedays.
22) Canadians are just sexier than americans. I stand by this logic and will defend it strongly in an argument. d smilie
23) I'm OCD. Meh. I'm also slightly ADD. Mehh.
24) I wish I was from England or Britain... or Canada cause the people there are sexy. hello smilie
25) I think my parents were completely insane to move to Montana.
26) I hate…ahem…strongly dislike overly-religious people who try to shove their beliefs down your throat.
27) I love the book What happened to Lonny Garver. I cried so many times in that, I had to buy the book from the library because of all the water damage.
28) Ron Weasley is a BABE.

Okay bye.


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