When people cry in movies, they look beautiful, but when you cry in real life, your face gets all red, your eyes puffy and then there is the whole snot thing, amirite?

and the stuttering! i..i..i sniff sniff SNORT* H-h-h-h-a-hate you!

This is America and we speak American, amirite?

Noooooo, this is the internet, America is outside.

When people cry in movies, they look beautiful, but when you cry in real life, your face gets all red, your eyes puffy and then there is the whole snot thing, amirite?

I just drank a tall glass of lmaonade on this.

Not having had your first kiss by the age of 14 is normal, amirite?

i got mine on my 16th birthday.. totally unexpected lol

How the hell did the guys who climbed Mt. Everest ever get down? amirite?

Google it, amirite?

"Women were meant to clean for the men, that's how God made us to be." You would laugh too if you just saw this sexist bullshit on The Church Channel. amirite?
@LaLaLaLucy I brought my domo and domo bag on Friday because it was stuffed animal day. (:

Stuffed animal day?! really, my day was "Hand in this project in the beginning of class or it's a Zero grade for you" day D:

Picking up something light when you're expecting it to be heavy is a weird sensation, amirite?

the opposite is the worse,

Asians just don't really play soccer, amirite?

the japanese..and the koreans? what about shaolin soccer? totally dedicated to asians.

The worst time to have a heart attack is during a game of charades, amirite?


A special paint used for radiators and metal railings, amirite?

?? explain please

97.3% of statistics are just made up. amirite?
@and what about that stat :)

made up, thats why i voted no.

Why is age so important, it is JUST a number and nothing more. It says nothing and people should stop judging you by your supposedly age. amirite?

seeing this post on the "post of the day" is like "HEY EVERYONE! LET'S POINT AND LAUGH!"

If everyone was made out of jello, the world would be a better place, amirite?

We'd all liquidize from the sun's heat

It is stupid that women think they have it COMPLETELY harder than guys. OK, we get the fact that getting punched in the breasts hurts, and we don't know the pain of going through prgnancy or a period. But do you know how much it sucks getting random erections or getting kicked in the balls? No, I don't believe you do. Or at least I hope you don't. There is suckiness being either gender, amirite?
@you jerk...don't even think guys have it as hard as girls. We have to spend time dressing and doing our hair. We...

how does "dressing and doing our hair" complicated? In a way we do think of finding the right suit/ shirt you know, and guys.. we do fix our hair once in a while, some of us like to try and make it as natural as possible too. :P You don't have to have kids if you don't want to. And hey, having sex only hurts the first time! As well, we males are here to help too, whether your cooking or cleaning, or even raising your damn kid, this is something you should expect a husband to do, plus you sound like a house-mom who doesnt work. and if that's the case, we're the one providing you a damn house, working our ass off to keep food on the table, and paying the tax/ and bills. Again, if you're satisfy with the cooking,cleaning,raising the kid, or work come to a mutual agreement.

Between two equally, semi-attractive guys, the one with the foreign accent will get more girls, amirite?

I dont think I would get white girls with an asian accent. D: