Mac or P.C? I say the first one that doesn't lie to me about how much time a process is going to take gets my vote! amirite?

I know :)
Estimated times of:
Transcoding a video, burning a disc, compressing a file etc.... all lies!

I'm just joking :P
I know there are many variables involved because of bottlenecks in different components and factors such as background processes etc...

But! It still pisses me off that it is never accurate.

It's sad when you lose your cell phone in your own home. amirite?
@acisseJ "almighty god of memory" hahaha fuckin love it

Seriously. Motherfuckas act like they can't forget about Dre.

Girls got it easier: A Vibrator can greatly outperform and outpleasure the work of a Man's penis, but for Men nothing can substitute a mouth or the sweet,wet, tender, warm gushiness that is a Vagina. amirite?
@sierrarayee wow. Who describes a vagina as "gushi" made me laugh a little

Someone with a sense of humor, people here have become so anal since I was last here.

It totally kills it when you are attracted to a someone at a party and then they woop out a cigarette. amirite?

Have him get a Darth Vader helmet. lol

It totally kills it when you are attracted to a someone at a party and then they woop out a cigarette. amirite?
@SimplyMadness you do know that smoking was first believed to purify your breath... which it does, just with consequences 0.0

It purifies public places too. When people start smoking, non smokers start evacuating. lol

As long as she doesn't have a ring on her finger she is single to me. amirite?
I should totally become mod, amirite?
@SandboxCzar you know it does! but do you actually have the power to make this happen?

I wish! lol

You must take a test:
1.Climb the mountains between Afghanistan and Pakistan to find a Green Materia orb while dodging bullets from the Taliban. It is said that it is harder to find than Bib Laden.

2.Save a village in Tibet from a dragon by shoving the orb into its ear that will make its head explode.

3.Take a sample of the dragon's brain and place it inside the head of Android 13. It is located in a secret lab underneath the Ninja school in The Hidden Rain Village, Japan.

4. Beat the Android in a game of Rock Paper Scissors. The android will activate and project a top secret URL that was encoded in the Dragon's brain.

5.You must go to that URL that is only accessible with a PC that has a 4Ghz core i7 CPU. Must be behind OVER 9,000 proxies using SSL encryption with a PGP KEY. Once there, you must answer some questions about why you will approve or disapprove certain posts, then submit it and it will be reviewed by the Amirite overlords

Don't ask me to send you nakies. Dude, we had sex! You've already seen me naked from every angle, amirite?
@JayCee0873 yep I know it!

People these days....pshhhh no respect. amirite? lol

I read that sneezing may be a symptom of pregnancy. uh-oh. Haha. amirite?
no one likes a rat, especially when they are hypocritical rats, amirite?

Those damned hypocritical rats! My friend had a rat who wouldn't eat her cheese but would eat it from my hands when I fed it.

Humans are some of the most amazing creatures ever. You give us beginnings with plants, rocks, and sticks and in a mere 50,000 years we will have developed society, have advanced communication all throughout the world, put men on the moon and know many of the secrets of the universe, amirite?

We even figured out how to solve alien technology like Rubiks Cubes!

You know the depression is serious when even the Playboy empire is on the brink of collapse. I mean we are talking about a country that pioneered "Tits or GTFO", "pic4pic" and "Send Moar Noodz". amirite?
@DanielJames The internet is killing Playboy, not the economy.

I know, they failed to adjust to the times. This happens in many industries and is a natural part of capitalism. It's supposed to be a joke.

It's hypocritical that Google was beefing with China over censorship and yet they themselves censor their image results (probably by the Government's request). You can find just about anything on google images from animal porn to decapitations but you'll find a few (if any) images of killed american soldiers in Iraq. amirite?
@Oblivious That's because China is only censoring the horrible crimes they've committed to their own people. America is...

I live in a Democracy, not Communist China! The terrorists have already won. It's funny how people say the "Soldiers are out there fighting for our freedoms." and yet here you are defending the limiting of our freedoms back at home! We're hiding crimes too you know? War Crimes we commit on their people and crimes being committed on our own soldiers by sending them out there to die so Halliburton, Blackwater and the oil companies can get more money.
Image in content

At some point in your life, you tried licking your own nipple, amirite?


If your 29 year old boyfriend refers to his penis as a dinosaur it's probably best to break up with him, amirite?

Or "Lightsaber"