The adage goes more along the lines of:
If you truly love someone or something, set it free, if it returns, it was meant to be. However, if never does it return, then truly it never was yours to begin with.

Additional little note: The only real failures are the ones whom stopped trying. Just because it hasn’t happened doesn’t mean that success and it returning will never happen, give it time, and love life’s journey.

Believing in people that have sought only to use and abuse me, or destroy parts of my life in general. Time lost can never be regained, make sure it counts in the people and memories that matter and elevate your life and spirit. No one should have to give up their soul to help another.

My emotions and obsessive compulsive thoughts with the need to find patterns and order and mathematics in everything. That and trying to find any way to help others or make them laugh.

I have lost everything in the past few years, however, in that, I was able to reconnect with and once again truly be myself, doing the very things I love doing and helping the good people around me.

understanding and acceptance

That they believe in a higher power, I’ve heard some say it’s not God, Just something, but they don’t follow or subscribe to any formal religions... It’s really strange to me.


Life is definitely scarier than death. When I am dead, I will have nothing, not even fear itself, to fear any longer. There will be no one else to hurt me as this vessel will no longer be able to communicate pain and hurt to my soul.

I'm a mature child in that of an adult body that looks.

Not if people start to actually stand together to make a positive change instead of remaining inactive and indifferent.

No, I'd most likely panic, lose all air supply and die.

Opening my own restaurant and seeing peace and fair treatment in the world, where disputes are all handled with diplomacy.

@Walt_OReagun There is nothing about the ideal of integrity that is cancelled by telling others about it.

I enjoy your differing opinion here. Thank you for sharing. 😊 Also, I think there is as integrity is about doing the right thing when no-one else is looking, and doing so only to boast or brag later shows ulterior motive to make oneself look good to others, therefore, in my mind, cancelling out the whole no-one looking part.

My phone. My mom made me get one.