Girls: Sometimes, having a brother-like figure in your life is better than having a boyfriend, amirite?

my guy best friend is permanent, boyfriends aren't, that's just the way it goes.

If a guy jokingly keeps encouraging a girl to ditch her boyfriend for him, it's ok. If a girl does it, she's a freaky stalker, amirite?
@Why would it be okay for a guy?

it's not that i think it's ok, it's just that that seems to be what's socially acceptable. i hear so many guys talking to girls about how they're so much better than their boyfriends.

So many songs seem to have the line: "I saw you in the club" or something along those lines, amirite?

sorry about this in advance but i just have to rant:
DJ's got us falling in love again is actually the worst song title/lyrics ever. They're in the club, they're probably just grinding to whatever dance remix song comes on, and that can make you fall in LOVE? i feel like that just totally undermines the meaning of love.

It gets really confusing when you're texting like six people, amirite?
@It gets even more confusing if you're texting all six people about each other, cause if you send one wrong message...

haha right? i don't really do that but sometimes i'll be like "i'm going there with jim and kate." and i'll send to jim and he'll be like " know."

Teenage guys: eat a cookie, lose weight. Women: eat a cookie, gain a pound. amirite?

haha i'm not but ok, i'm not going to publish my weight to prove you wrong.

You have met someone who fucks grandmas, amirite?
@Noogieboogie Yeah, grandpas?

gran@622815 (Noogieboogie): dernnnn you beat me to it

It's annoying when people post things that apply to everyone, like "you hate mean people," amirite?

you@620095 (Llort): i love how people are no'ing it

Neil Patrick Harris turned gay because picking up chicks became way too easy for him. amirite?


All white people generalize, amirite?

haha it's amusing how many people don't get this

How guys pick classes: Friends, Hot girls, Fun class, Fun teacher, Good at particular subject. 3/5 or more and definitely take the class. amirite?

girls too though (except it's hot guys not hot girls haha) but yeah everyone picks classes this way

Girls who are into music are so attractive, amirite?
Actors should Act, and Singers should Sing. Actors shouldnt Sing, and Singers shouldnt Act. amirite?
@monstrosity Ah, that makes sense. You see, I want to go in to the performing arts and although I prefer just acting, it's a...

yeah, you're probably right. i know acting's a tough job, but when most people think of it, they tend to think of the people i mentioned, not people trying to land jobs. but if you can really act AND really sing that's awesome, it's just annoying when people do one because they do the other and know you can make money even if they suck at it

Actors should Act, and Singers should Sing. Actors shouldnt Sing, and Singers shouldnt Act. amirite?
@LMAO! I bet Justin Sucked REALLY bad at being an actor.. I think he should just stay as a Singer. I like him better...

yeah. i think he has a good voice, but i don't like his songs, they're way too over-produced so his voice and lyrics are really cheesy. but watching his pre-fame youtube videos, just him singing without any effects added is really good.

Actors should Act, and Singers should Sing. Actors shouldnt Sing, and Singers shouldnt Act. amirite?
@monstrosity Um, do you know what a "musical" is?

if i may, i think the poster means that every child actor given the smallest of parts on disney channel shouldn't automatically get a record deal.

and justin bieber shouldn't get gigs on csi.

for the record, i think musicals are awesome.

There's always that guy that will always be THAT GUY. Amirite?

haha me and my friends have a guy who we call "THAT guy." he's not even that significant, for some reason, he's just THAT guy