You technically are born at a very young age because it took months for you to develop, amirite?

You are born at your youngest age

Average person has half of a dick, amirite?

Less than half a dick, you have to account for the no-dick dudes out there.

All biological fathers are lesbian, amirite?

I... don't understand

The person to tell the first joke, was the funniest person alive. amirite?
The last person on earth wouldn't even be aware they were the last, unless they traveled to every corner of the world and found no one else. They would always be thinking there was someone else somewhere. amirite?

Man you'd be fun to have over for dinner...

Nowadays people are probably more afraid of losing their phones than losing their wallets. amirite?

Well in a day and age where your phone is your wallet then yes

Attractive people telling unattractive people that looks don't matter is the same as rich people telling poor people that money doesn't matter, amirite?

That's not true. Money does matter, while as evidenced by your mother managing to produce you, looks do not.

A picture is a reminder to have a memory, amirite?
Toilets are safety nets for farts. amirite?
It has been statistically proven that living increases you lifespan. amirite?
@100% of living people have died

Exactly. If you reverse this process you could say 0% of people died which didnt lived. Therefore not liviving increases your chance of not dying.

Cold blooded animals are always cold because their just dead inside. amirite?
People who are against the fact that humans are also animals, have often the most primal behavior. amirite?
Talking to girls online used to be seen as an activity for losers that couldn't get a date in real life. amirite?
Roses are red , roses are blue , depending on their velocity relative to you. amirite?

Are you a physicist? This seems like something a physicist or an astronomer would think about. I'm here for it

Sex is the main reason why the world exists. amirite?