About me.

Hi, I'm Julie, I used to have an MLIA addiction, but then I was prescribed amirite and now I'm doing a lot better.

I live in Canada, and I'm in SUCH a good mood right now because my family just moved into a new igloo and it has Wi-Fi!!! Only bad thing is that my polar bear can't sleep inside anymore, cause the radio waves or whatever would mess with him and make him think he's a moose, which might bother my REAL moose.

I'm 15, 5'4, but I can squat more than most of the guys in my grade (thanks hockey...). I love music, I play the trombone, and classic rock is the love of my life. I can't dance, because I'm ridiculously uncoordinated, which makes gym class a biiig challenge.

I'm a people person, so I looooove to talk to anyone. Not that I'm on here much haha but still.

I love
backyard rinks
two and a half men
those sour watermelon gummies
Queen and U2
my school
ryan ellis
hockey (of course...)