There's always that one really freaky girl in your grade who's obsessed with horses, amirite?

Yes! You walk into class and she's sitting there drawing pictures of stallions and what not.

boyfriends are like chocolate. They can be sweet at times, and bitter other times but either way you will keep craving more. you love it while it lasts, but when your done, your sad and fat. amirite?

White at times...brown at times... but the white really sucks, so I always go with brown.

Everyone's favorite dinosaur seems to be a Velociraptor, amirite?

Everyone's favorite dinosaur SHOULD be a Velociraptor.

Lady Gaga's song "You and I" is absolutely genius because she changes the state on the radio wherever it's playing, amirite?

Nooo! But what if you're sitting on the four corners? You've got yourself a problem there.

Its irritating when someone in your class is really stupid and can't figure out the simplest math problem or can't pronounce any word when their reading, amirite?

Or figure out which "they're" to use.

Girls: At one point in your life (probably when you were younger) you were pretty much set on adopting all your kids because you were too scared of giving birth, amirite?

Ummm...I am still scared. Do you not understand what all happens down there during birth? It's freaky.

Pushing the button at the intersection a million times doesn't make it possible for you to get across the street any faster. It just makes the little white man pop up when the light finally turns green, amirite?

I got the IDEA. That's different. :)

It's disappointing when you put a 'kick me' sign on someone's back and no one kicks them. amirite?

I didn't know that people actually do that in real life...

Amirite? Amirite? Amirite? Amirite? Amirite? Amirite? Amirite? Amirite? Amirite?

I bet in places where it snows constantly, kids excitedly shout "IT'S NOT SNOWING!!!", amirite?

You nailed it.

Walking the wrong way on escalators is fun! amirite?

And then the old sticklers at the department store shout at you to get off.

Sometimes you just want to piss on the graves of someone's ancestors, amirite?

Haha this made me laugh...

It's embarrassing and hilarious discovering that your gay friend isn't gay, amirite?

How are people even voting on this? I wouldn't take this scenario for something that happens often.

Commercial bread doesn't taste very good, amirite?

Clearly these kids haven't had homemade bread. It is superior.

Guys always say they like girls without makeup and in sweats. FYI, girls would do that if we didn't get more compliments when we get all dressed up than when we don't, amirite?
@If their natural self is good looking, then yes.

That's an odd compliment. "Hey great job for being born looking like the way you are!"