A ton of cows and a cow are approximately the same thing. amirite?
If humans can smell when it's going to rain dogs/animals can also probably smell when there's going to be a earthquake/natural disaster, amirite?

Don't know where I heard this or if it's true but humans can smell rain better that sharks smell blood.

Birth probably hurts for the baby too. amirite?

That's why they cry when they out

If we delete every single law, the crime rate will be 0%, amirite?

That's called anarchism

One thing that's always in everyone's way are doors, amirite?
3 urinals with dividers are almost as effective as 5 urinals without dividers. amirite?

Unless you urgently need to pee otherwise the exact same

If we somehow manage to colonize other planets we must make sure that the colonist have an unyielding devotion to our planet or else we risk an interplanetary war in the long run. amirite?

I think given human nature, interplanetary war would be an inevitable.

Every male you see is producing sperm. amirite?

Not if he's castrated

Every being has stared at the moon at some point in their life. From the Dinosaurs to Genghis Khan to Albert Einstein. One fixed point in space which has been part of every organism that's ever lived on this planet. amirite?

Except deep cavern organisms and blind animals / humans