Putting "bitch" at the beginning of a statement is way more likely to be friendly compared to putting it at the end of a statement. amirite?
Luke Skywalker was probably such a good jedi because there weren't as much people taking up bandwidth in the force. amirite?
@That's why the Sith reduced their numbers to only two. That's canon (or was), but I don't remember where's at...

Darth Bane reduced their numbers to Two because the sith kept killing/fighting eachother due to the nature of the Dark Side and the Jedi took advantage of that. It was also reduced so that the sith could move around in secret without the Jedi being aware. Not because there were too many sith taking up "bandwidth"

You can't look at a word without saying it in your head, amirite?

Long, difficult to pronounce books I sometimes gloss over. Otherwise, yeah, guite true.

If space truly is infinite, then every movie has happened before, amirite?

I think you mean infinite realities?

"Season's Greetings" is only popular during one of the four seasons, amirite?

Wow, look at that, you discovered that words have different meanings.

Bats in Australia are heading in the same direction as us, amirite?

That would only be true if the earth was flat, but the hemispheres were on opposite sides of the disc. Congrats for making flat earth even weirder...

Dreams are simulations the brain runs to prepare us for real life, amirite?

Hell yeah imma have sex with emma stone

If light never existed, we would never know the reason for our eyes, amirite?
If light never existed, we would never know the reason for our eyes, amirite?
Raking and getting rid of leaves is a waste of time and likely terrible for the environment. amirite?

That's why you can make them into mulch!!

A ton of cows and a cow are approximately the same thing. amirite?
If humans can smell when it's going to rain dogs/animals can also probably smell when there's going to be a earthquake/natural disaster, amirite?

Don't know where I heard this or if it's true but humans can smell rain better that sharks smell blood.

Birth probably hurts for the baby too. amirite?

That's why they cry when they out

If we delete every single law, the crime rate will be 0%, amirite?

That's called anarchism