About me.

Okay my name is ashley
Southern California (NO its not "Cali")
Lets see...
Politics, i dont care very much
I like Twilight, ive read all the books, but ive never picked up a Harry Potter book...and i dont really want to. i think the whole Harry Potter vs. Twilight is shit. They have nothing in common except theyre books, so why are we comparing them. Theyre both so unrealistic and im pretty sure theyre both good series if they get so much attention.
Well i cheer, dance, tumble, and im a gymnast and ive played soccer 8 years.
I love all kinds of music from 80's to pop, Chicago to Justin Bieber, and Sublime to Drake.
I guess you could say i have a very open mind.
I love to debate because i always make good points so message me or something :)

hmmmmmm ill write more later.