Reason #37 To Appreciate Life: If you don't enjoy life, Jigsaw will trap you in a craphole. amirite?

Reasons #1-36: You're Alive.

If theres a rapist in Lincoln Park, maybe the band should break up for their own safety, amirite?
@_Mike_ It bugs the Grammar Nazis...

Who gives a crap about the Grammar Nazis?

Shakespeare>Stephenie Meyer,amirite?

You're not seriously comparing these two, are you? -.-

Miley Cyrus is taking her "growing out of her young self" a bit too fast, amirite?

Those 16-year-olds with children don't have millions of toddler fans who watch them lilke a hawk.

Theres always that awkward bulge in your zip-up sweatshirt when you sit, amirite?

im actually a 96 pound 13 year old, tyvm.
And it only happens when the sweaters too big for you.

When you text "ikr", you basically mean "We've already established this fact." amirite?

Yeah, chat speak really annoys me :P

Peter Pan is climbin' in yo windows, he's snatchin' yo people up, amirite?

Taste of Awesome thief >.>

Peter Pan is climbin' in yo windows, he's snatchin' yo people up, amirite?

It's on both websites, actually. GET OWNED SON.

And either way you still are a thief :P

Hahaaaaa I know what you are referring to!

when you say liar liar pants on fire your lying because the persons pants may not be on fire...amirite?


Accents make even the rudest of comments sound great, amirite?

Haha yup ;P

In teen mom they make the dads look like a horrible parent most of the time and the moms look like they are trying to do there best, why can't they just make everyone look like they are trying to their best, amirite?


Before the movie: 'Nahh, I'm good." During the movie: "I FRIGGIN HAVE TO PEEEEEEE.", amirite?

And then you're all "what did I miss" and then it turns out you missed some major plot twist

We all have that random nobody band that we try to keep a secret so we can have them all to ourselves, amirite?

Yes, nevershoutnever x)

You thought the Disney "D" when you were little was a fancy "G", amirite?