If you built a giant microwave and put a human in it, they'd pop like popcorn. amirite?

Our teeth would, our flesh would probably splatter like lasagna because of the liquidity of it.

That 70s Show was the original form of Boomer Humor, amirite?
@Cypherixx That 70s show was made for Gen X, not Boomers.

It takes place in the 70s though, the characters were born in the 60s

If firearms or firepower in general had never been invented, we would have anti-sword campaigns instead, amirite?

If spears hadn't been invented we'd have anti-rock campaigns.

That 70s Show was the original form of Boomer Humor, amirite?
Some of our potential siblings may have been swallowed, amirite?
It's very likely that someone that you don't even know has masturbated thinking about you. amirite?
In movies and TV shows, the poor kids are the bullies, but in reality, the poor kids are bullied. amirite?

This is in older movies, if you have been near a tv the last 5 years you would have known things have changed in tv.

You probably had no idea what the F10 key does in google chrome unless you accidentally bumped into it, and then you will never forget. amirite?
@What's it do?

I meant F11. Oh well. Sad trombone noises.

You are connected to many countries & thousands of people just from the road in front of your house. amirite?

Not if you live in Australia

You're not fat you're just horizontally tall, amirite?

//You're not short, you're just vertically challenged.

Yes, that is the meaning of spaghetti.

Eventually there will be so much plastic in our foods, a real life Barbie will be born. amirite?
@Pretzeldude16 Her name is Kim Kardashian.

That's not fair to Barbie, she's been a doctor before, Kim hasn't

Never admit that you're an expert at anything. Tell everyone you're an amateur. That way when you fail nobody is disappointed and when you succeed everyone is impressed. amirite?

Yeah this works great on job interviews.

"So, we're looking for a person with expert skills."

"Well, I'm an amateur."

"Perfect. You're hired."