About me.

Why are you on my page?
Ha,just kidding.
No,seriously. Get off.

Call me Ishmael. Or Jacob,whichever you prefer.


14 and from Mississippi. n smilie

Faithful Little Monster. Mother Monster forever. y smilie

I survived the Zombie Apocalypse and now I'm going to Pacific Play Land!

I am not the kind of person who stops the microwave at 0:01 because my microwave beeps no matter what.

I play trombone. 3rd chair baby.

I'm obsessed with Harry Potter. Slytherin.

I either like you or I don't. Probably the latter of the two.

I own half of the world,the other half being owned by purplepermissionhaha.

You may have seen me on your money.

By the time you have read this,I have already formed an opinion of you. Live in fear.

Spoiler Alert I don't like you. JUST KIDDING! Not.

Emma Stone. y smilie

My favourite movie is Easy A.

I see dead people.

I saved the world,you probably didn't see it. It was on the Australian news.

I can fly..

I was one of the founders of the United States. I'm not in the books because of that attention hog Washington.

My age is actually 14x1015. Figure it out.

I have a stalker. wary smilie

If you actually read all of this...congratulations,have a freaking cookie.

And also,you were born that way. Be proud and don't let people put you down. y smilie

I'm done talking to you. Leave.