It's possible for a person to be racist against his/her own race, amirite?

"If he found out he was black he'd probably kill himself on the grounds that there'd be one less nigger around"

Ice cream truck music would be really scary if you heard it passing your house at 3am, amirite?

I don't think I'll be able to sleep after imagining that

It doesn't really feel like 2012 yet, amirite?
Music from the 80s in general is terrible. amirite?

While in comparison today's music is just fantastic! (heavy sarcasm implied)

It's annoying when people say that rich people are rich because they worked harder. There are plenty of middle and lower class people who work just as hard, if not harder, and just aren't as fortunate, amirite?

My teacher once made a good comparison with this: "Chances are if your parents were chunky monkeys you'll be a chunky monkey too. But to stay a chunky monkey you have to eat quite a bit"

People are always going to have advantages that others don't. That's just the way it works. And it's no reason to look down on them.

I hate whenever somebody tries to penalize success whether it's inherited or earned

Billy Rae Cyrus is one horrible father. His daughter isn't even legal yet and she's already acting like a slut. I mean, what kind of father let's their child do those things? amirite?
It's better to be the first zombie than to be the absolute last survivor, amirite?

If you're the last one alive that means you win the game

The government has too much power
@Izzie_23 I rather the government have too much power than not enough...

Why? Just curious because I've always has the philosophy of Ben Franklin: “Those who desire to give up freedom in order to gain security will not have, nor do they deserve, either one.”

It's ridiculous that my parents take half the money I get, amirite?
@SemiColin No, it's not gracious that they don't expect a full return. Having a child is a huge decision and part of that...

Provide doesn't include a cell phone, car, nice clothes, and the law even says that utilities aren't required. Be grateful and quit thinking your parents owe you everything they give you. They do that because they either love you or wish you would shut up. If your family needs your help think about how they help you before you start crying about it

It's a disappointing moment when you reach the posts where you have already read. What are you supposed to do then, amirite?

Come here to the just in page

It sucks when you always try to be there for your friends when they need you, but as soon as you have any problems and need someone, nobody gives a shit, amirite?

It's weird with the magnitude of posts that I see that are similar to this, it's a fair conclusion that everybody has friends that are "fake" and all that other crap...or maybe people aren't as mistreated as their drama suggests and you all need to get a freakin grip on yourselves

Apple should replace iPods no matter what you did to them, amirite?

"No! Of course we'll replace your iPod free of charge! So what if you chucked it at the wall, or sat on it? You shouldn't have to be responsible for that! In fact, we are willing to take on a monetary loss because you didn't hold on tight enough!"

Two things friends:
1) there is a warranty. It covers any problems made by the manufacturer.
2) there is separate insurance you can purchase if you like.

That's like saying the bank should buy you another house after yours burnt down even if you don't have insurance.

It should be illegal for girls under thirteen to wear push-up/padded bras, amirite?

Yeah! It should also be illegal for boys under the age of ten to walk around without a shirt on! (heavy sarcasm implied)

While people call the United States selfish and greedy, they seem to be forgetting all of the money, food, and medicine that both the government and private American organizations give away, amirite?
@Gavin You make it sound like they are the only ones.

You're kidding right?

How did he say anything that remotely compares the US to other countries? He didn't.

Anti-Americanism is at its highest right now. People think Americans are stuck-up, arrogant, douche bags. We ruin our own economy by giving other countries money that we borrow from china.

And if you want to compare the US to other countries you're ridiculous claim falls even further down the drain. We contribute somewhere around 50% of all the United Nations' funds (TOTAL!) out of how many countries? Lots. We give others sooo much foreign aid (which they hardly ever need/deserve) that we can't sustain our own economy.

It would be hilarious to go to a preschool and give all the kids pot brownies. amirite?
@Mike_Hawk I never said it was immoral or bad for their health. I said it'd be fucked up, which it would be. Do you have any...

And then proceeded to list moral and health reasons why. He made a joke, I doubt he seriously planned to do that