If you want to survive in a horror movie- don't go off on your own, don't have sex with anybody, and don't be the black guy. amirite?

I remember watching that movie "Prom Night" with Brittany Snow, and it was damn predictable with the exception of one major plot twist- the token horror movie black guy was the only one of her friends to survive. Didn't see that one coming.

the guys on the nerf commercials that say "it's nerf...or nothin" are usually really cute, amirite?

It's funny because we all know that in real life, guys that attractive don't actually play with nerf guns...

Guys: You always seem to get that boner at the wrong time, amirite?
McDonalds really needs to serve breakfast all day, amirite?

Did anyone else think of the movie Big Daddy when they read this?

Why is Skrillex so bad at fishing? Because he always drops the bass, amirite?

Hey, I thought it was funny, I posted it.
But no, my friend told me this joke. If she got it from a youtube comment, I didn't know.

A squirrel and an owl were sitting in a tree, watching a farmer. The squirrel turns to the owl and says nothing, because squirrels can't talk, and the owl eats the squirrel because it is a bird of prey, amirite?

Gotta love anti humor....

You know you're school is screwed up when you're teacher comes in with a hangover, amirite?

School of Rock....
"I've got a hangover. Who knows what that means?"
"Doesn't that mean you're drunk?"
"No. It means I was drunk YESTERDAY."

The amount of pictures that some people take/put on facebook is ridiculous: stupid photos of them at the mall, or just them hanging out with their friends. They're completely unnecessary. People need to learn to start living in the moment rather than trying to capture it, amirite?
@ClaireTheBozo Well there's nothing wrong with taking pictures, but if you're talking to the Facebook Attention Whores who take...

Yeah, that's pretty much what I meant. The post is kind of unclear, I know.
It's just annoying when you see the girls taking pictures at the mall, and with all their friends just taking tons of pictures with peace signs and their tongues sticking out.

If theres a rapist in Lincoln Park, maybe the band should break up for their own safety, amirite?

The poster knows. It's just a joke.

I'm ashamed to be apart of this gerneration. 80's had great music : Michael Jackson, Madonna, Prince. 90's still going strong : Tupac, Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston. 00's Lil Wayne, Ke$ha, Drake, Justin Bieber. Music is dying, amirite?

No, music's not dying. You just chose some kind of suckish artists to name as examples......
If you look somewhere that's not the top 40, you can actually find some really talented artists.

It seems like every facebook user likes that Bob Marley quote about suffering for love, amirite?

.. And yet half of them probably couldn't even name one of his songs.

You're going to wear purple on October 20th to commemorate the suicides caused by homophobia, amirite?

Yea, you are definetely born gay.
Think about it this way: why would anyone choose to live a life full of ridicule, mocking, and an overall unaccepting society that looks down on gays so much that some even kill themselves?
They wouldn't.

When you're almost home and you're at the door and it's locked. Meanwhile, you're searching for a key and/or unlocking the door and you are squirming because you have to pee and it feels like your bladder is about to explode. amirite?

That's really weird, I didn't even see this post before writing my amirite about pee, and they came in almost exactly at the same time.

I guess we were both just thinking about pee.....

Fancy Pants from School of Rock grew up to be Kurt Hummel, amirite?

You're tacky and I hate you.

High School Musical and Camp Rock confuse you. I mean, how do they all know the steps and lyrics, amirite?

Erm, don't you mean every single musical out there confuses you?

Because I'm pretty sure that it's not just these two that this happens.