What is Orange and sounds like a Parrot?

A carrot? I don't know

There's at least one movie that's considered a classic that you find overrated, amirite?

I honestly don't like the original Friday the 13th. It's just really boring to me. Granted Jason is pretty cool but I'm not crazy about the movie.
Oh also Texas Chainsaw Massacre is a movie I never will watch since Leatherface just freaks me out.

If you poured root beer into a square cup, you'd end up with real beer, amirite?
It's really weird to look around the place you live, and imagine that one day, everything about it will be completely different. All your old stuffed animals will be gone, the random things you have laying around, and pretty much everything that makes you call it home won't be the same, amirite?

I still have quite a few of my stuffed animals that I'm probably never getting rid of.

Geometry and economics were my worst or maybe it was the fact that I had a real bitch for a teacher for geometry and the toughest teacher in school for economics

All medications should be abolished, amirite?

Yaaayyy! Let's take me off my Adderall and see if you could stand to be around me for five minutes.

It's funny to think of the last song you heard and then add "in my ass" after it, amirite?

We Want War in my ass
Inside the Fire in my ass
Get Psycho in my ass
Invasion in my ass

I hate it when I read that it's the woman's fault that she got pregnant and she should live with that decision. Well what if she was raped? Should she still have to go through the pregnancy and then raise a child that reminds her of it everyday? How healthy would that be for the child? For the mother? Or what if the woman find out that her child will be deformed and she doesn't have the money to help them or knows that she could not emotionally deal with it? Should she abort it or should she struggle financially and emotionally?

You remember at least one nightmare from your childhood that still creeps you out. Amirite?

I remember having this weird dream when I was six. I was in the house downstairs and I hear something and I go upstairs to tell my mom but when I get in the bedroom my mom is laying there dead. It just freaked me out and I still remember it to this day. (I'm 20)

It's awkward when someone calls your name, and it turns out that the one who's being called is another person that has the same name as you, amirite?

I've had that happen to me a few times at the animal rescue I volunteer at.

Why are all patronuses relatively small animals? Someone should have a big enough personality to have a giraffe, an elephant, a whale, or a DRAGON, amirite?

Well Harry had a stag patronus and Snape had a doe patronus which are not small animals.

Why are all patronuses relatively small animals? Someone should have a big enough personality to have a giraffe, an elephant, a whale, or a DRAGON, amirite?
Bellatrix is one of your favorite "bad guys" in Harry Potter, amirite?

Hell yeah I love Bellatrix! I even named my cat after her.

The amirite app needs to let you go to the next page from the top of the page as well as the bottom, not just the bottom, amirite?

Is there a way to see a list of topics on the app?

Your phone battery dies faster than a black guy in a horror movie, amirite?

My Samsung Rugby lasts like two weeks before it loses one battery bar and I've got five of those suckers.

For me Samsung is the best brand of phone.