One of the worst parts about a movie being made about one of your favorite books is that once you see all the advertisements and trailers, and actually watch the movie, you start to forget what you originally pictured the characters looking like when you read the book, amirite?

Ugh . The Hunger Games . Dammit Josh Hutcherson .

Facebook profile pictures: 99.99% -Boobies&Cleavage , 00.01% -Face, amirite?
If we white people don't get any smarter, Asians are going to take over our honor classes. Amirite?
K-pop sounds just like regular music translated into Simlish, amirite?

But once you listen to it so much it starts to seem like you understand Korean ... Like me... WHAT HAVE I BECOME?!

Korea: 73 million people, 6 last names. amirite?

Kim , Lee, Kang, Yang, Woo, Jung, Jang, Park, Cho, Choi, Ahn, Min, Nam, Cha, Moon, Go, Gong , Kwon, Dong, Bae, Baek, Sung, Song,Yong, Goo, Geum , Hwa, Ryu, Maeng, Sa, Son,Sol, etc.

Everyone should go back to their own country, blacks to Africa and Asians to China. But white people should stay in American and Indians go somewhere else because we won this country fair and square, amirite?

Unsuccessful Troll is Unsuccessful .

Ke$ha: Taylor Swift's evil twin, amirite?

Or as my sister calls her : Taylor Swift on crack.

You never really realize how dirty the floor in your home is until you walk barefoot for a day in it, amirite?

I'm always barefoot, shoes off at the front :P

You wanted the part of cake that had your name on i, amirite?
I made a bar graph of my favourite pies and a pie graph of my favourite bars, amirite?

Everyday you be tumblr'n

Horror films just wouldn't be as scary without the sound effects, amirite?
You shouldn't be allowed to be a fan of a band from a different country. People should support their own country's music industry. Amirite?

I like my Kpop too much , better than American music IMO . This was a rather stupid post.

Thinking back to it, your logic as a kid was kind of crazy. amirite?
You tend to think that people with the name April were born in the month of April. amirite?

I know three Aprils born on April 1st... Well one of their names is actually Aprilyn , but still .

You can be straight and still think someone of the opposite sex is attractive, amirite?

Don't you mean same sex or are we being trolled?