About me.

In my last About Me I wrote that usually I am a super happy person. It's not true. I force myself to be happy as often as possible, because I feel like I'm wasting valuable time being sad. However, that is just me being overly-critical of myself, as usual. I like to think I am respectful, honest, and modest. I can also sound pretty defensive if my words get misinterpreted, so if I'm correcting something I've said or how you've taken it, it's me wanting to be understood, not me trying to spurn you.

I have been a member of the amirite community for a few years I think, but I've never been very active or ready to be a very active member of the community. I make posts every now and then, and I'll comment when something strikes my fancy. I'm considering getting to know the community better. If I decide to do so, I'd appreciate your friendship =] (<- that's my kind of smiley face. don't steal it)

Other random stuff about me: I'm bisexual. I grew up on the 90's cartoon X-MEN and developed a lot of my views about life from it, including courage, heroism, acceptance, and sensitivity to others' emotions. I am an English/Psychology double major, and love learning about emotions, how people think and feel, and empathy. I want to be a novelist when I grow up; being a uni student (as they say here in the UK where I'm currently studying abroad until Christmas 2012) I figure that whole growing up thing should happen soon. I plan on it anyways.

I like Pokemon, Naruto, Zatch Bell, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Avatar: The Legend of Korra, Full Metal Alchemist, etc.

I play League of Legends (or LoL) on the North American Server, so if you do too, let me know. username: tempestdrake