Guys dont like girls who are just skin and bone, amirite?
Actors arent the ones that are funny, the ones that wrote the script for them are. amirite?

it helps if the actor can deliver it well

It's never ok for guys to wear sandals, amirite?

define "sandal"

Icarly said '.net' is for losers. Well, obviously, they didn't know about amirite and failed to realize that Icarly is for losers. amirite?

if its for losers how would you know they say that?

You've never been in a fight but when people ask, you always say "yeah, once.", amirite?

ive been in fights.

You've never been in a fight but when people ask, you always say "yeah, once.", amirite?
@Then this clearly doesn't apply to you.

i know, but hasnt everyone been in fights?

A summary of 10% of all MLIAs: "I went into the bathroom at my school and saw a sign that said 'THE CHAMBER OF SECRETS IS OPEN'. MLIA", amirite?

lol, so true......but more like 90%

You've atleast once attempted to become a vegetarian, amirite?

yeah, it lasted like on meal

Dont you just hate it when your driving, going the speed limit, but there are a bunch of people either riding your butt or passing you? Its like, "sorry am i not SPEEDING ENOUGH FOR YOU?!!", amirite?

this was pissing me off last night!!

"have a happy period. always" gonna say i guy came up with that slogan, amirite?
Ok so Justin Bieber announced to the world that he doesn't cuss, but uhh I saw that Bieber or Die thing & he clearly said 'Bitch' , he's such a disgrace , amirite?

im with artisticbroccoli, it depends on what you consider a "cuss word"

Kitchens should come with a ICEE machine installed, amirite?
@uhh a lot of them do many fridges have ice machines

ICEE machines, not ice it again

The worst way to end a love song is with the phrase "'And also I have herpes", amirite?

actually, that would be pretty funny IMO

Are we supposed to feel SORRY for the girls on 16 and Pregnant? Two words: "condoms" and "abstinence." amirite?
Well life is too short, so love the one you've got. Cause you might get run over or you might get shot. amirite?

this made me tear up a little.....