About me.

Hey! I'm Maya! I'm 15 and I love to sing and play my PS3 all day long. I draw anime, and like to illustrate comic books in my spare time (like I get any...) So feel free to add me on your PS3, my PSN is XdeadxgirlX97. Add me, message me, do what you want.

Im also in choir and was recently told that I have a well thought out singing voice (whatever that means :)

I do have Facebook, my Twitter is off limits to the public (for now, im having problems with some people...), and I hate to Skype. So, don't ask.

"Cut it in, Bleed it out." Emo&lovinit, you are my devil in an angel suit. You've saved my life more than once. I owe you big.

To all my LBP fans, I will be releasing a new costume level soon enough, so keep your eyes open!


  • My favourite colour is red.... more specific? Blood Red.

  • My most favourite band is Avenged Sevenfold. A7X Family!!

  • Favourite animal is probably a Unicorn.

  • I play Skyrim 24/7

  • I love the word smexi, and don't go a day without saying it.

  • I have a really short temper, so don't piss me off.

  • You mess with me or my friends, you'll be missing teeth.

  • My posts are shit.

  • and I love to talk dirty ;)

If you wanna talk to me, send me a message, and I'll reply back when I can! I'm also part therapist, so if you have any problems (in any areas) message me and I will try to help you.

Ciao for now, xoxo XdeadxgirlX