You know you had a good time when you can't tell your parents what you did, amirite?

Not necessarily.

You've never actually tried to steal candy from a baby, so your skeptical that it's as easy as people say, amirite?

This has been posted before. Please remove!

People miscalculate their age. You're only(for example) 15 till your 15 birthday, meaning you've finished your 15th year of living not starting it. (Think about it) amirite?
@fuckoffwhore is this like the other post about how youre not 15 after your 15 bday? cuz i dont understand the way you worded it...

A baby is living it's 1st year and on it's first birthday she finished its first year of living meaning that that the day afterwards it would be starting its second year of living.

Never understood why people started naming inanimate objects "she". amirite?

Spongebob <3

When it comes down to it, luck plays a big factor in life, amirite?
@blaque_aussie well if you think about it, no not really. but nice try anyway

I don't believe in luck either, but I do believe in chance and coincidence.

Its weird that when you wake up, you remember your dream for a couple of seconds, then you forgot it, amirite?


No one can deny that Hitler was an excellent, charismatic leader, amirite?
Nothing beats wearing sweatpants to school, amirite?
@cotton1goalie Until you get a boner. Then it sucks

Mm. Yeah o guess your right. But they are still the most comfy. I wear th all the time.

Correction: Girl(as in normal, sane girl): HE'S SO DAMN GAY!!! I mean, come on, the kid has a 10 year old girls voice(if not 5) and just looks like a girl, amirite?

If you like the teacher you like the subject. If you hate the teacher, you hate the subject, amirite?
If you like the teacher you like the subject. If you hate the teacher, you hate the subject, amirite?
@twisted_memories My math teacher was amazing, but I still hate math.

There are always exceptions. But you found math better with him than with a teacher you dislike?

I recently had sex with my girlfriend but she kept screaming someone else's name. Does anyone know who Rape is? amirite?

Kind of sick, but very funny though :)

You'd rather be a bitch than a pushover, amirite?

Or how about neither!

You've never been satisfied with any of your yearbook pictures, amirite?

God, this was posted so long ago :)

Sometimes you start laughing randomly, and when your about to stop laughing, you laugh more because of the fact that you were just laughing randomly, amirite?

And then I laugh harder because of th way my friends are looking at me as if I'm crazy.