It's weird how certain things just aren't hip anymore, amirite?
There is a distinction between beautiful and sexually attractive. You are not sexually attracted to everyone you meet, but you could see beauty everywhere if you had the right frame of reference.
How easily you're offended is directly proportional to how dumb you are.

It's directly porportional to how sensitive you are
Or if you've been bullied in the past

What is your favorite food group?

Junk food y smilie
Even though that's not really a food group

Don't bring a girl to the NBA finals because she'll get bored, amirite?
You can continuously ask "Why?" each time after the person answers.

If you do it too many times though you'll prob end up getting hit

You're never too old to say "I want my mommy." Amirite?

That picture is extremely adorable

Gaining knowledge shouldn't make us feel arrogant, but it should be a humbling experience that makes us realize how limited we are in what we know, amirite?

I agree with like, everything you say for some reason'.

Making puns about me? Toucan play at that game, amirite?
@Give credit? No of course not. That would have been mature and not annoying. Also it's annoying as fuck for a girl...

I did give credit dumbass. LOOK AT THE CITED/INSPIRED BY THING.
And if you expected a response, then why the hell did you post that comment anonymously?

It's somewhat disturbing that kids falling asleep in school is viewed as them being lazy and not as the school overworking them to the point that they literally can't stay awake, amirite?
@FlotatiousTurd i would love to know of a school that overworks its students

Colleges, most likely.
And if you take all AP classes in high school, they overwork you. In my school anyway.

Other than the requirement to worship, to sacrifice animals, and its leniency toward those that harm children, the ethics of the Old Testament align very well with those of Satanism. However, Satanism does not require worship, it abhors animal sacrifice, and it adores children.

Just because you've read the Bible does not make you more knowledgeable.
It's not enough just to know what the Bible says, you have to know why it says what it says and what the original author intended it to mean. Then you'll find out what the Bible actually says.

Did you graduate from high school?

Still in High School.

I'm not homophobic or hate gays or anything like that, but being gay doesn't make much sense to me. If you're a guy, you find other guys who act like girls and dress like girls attractive. If you're a girl, then you like other girls who are dressed like guys and act like guys.

Just because you're a gay guy doesn't mean you find girly guys attractive.
Some are attracted to muscular, manly men.
Same can be said for lesbians, they can be attracted to really girly girl.

So don't talk like it's a fact when you don't know for sure what you're saying is correct y smilie

If a person is incapacitated why is it the communities OBLIGATION (taxes / social security / obamacare / welfare) to help out? Can anyone say "charity case"?

What's wrong with helping someone out?

Equality for all. It's that simple.
@Mk well firt of all, i didnt get that many downvotes. Second, im anon because thats what we need - as an anon, i...

I'm lesbian and I did not choose to be.
Who are you to say being gay is a choice?!

You speak for all the ignorant, morons in the world that do not know how to spell correctly and use proper grammar.

Also, I'm beginning to think you're just a troll and you're just doing this on purpose o.e