I hope scientists succeed at cloning extinct animals because I bet woolly mammoths are pretty chill.

Uhhh.. no. Extinct animals are extinct because their extinction was a part of nature. This is just another example of how humanity likes to fuck things up worse than we've already fucked things up.

"I'm a Little Teapot" doesn't make sense. At the end, the teapot says "Tip me over and pour me out." Are you the teapot or the water? Stop messing with my head, amirite?
There is something ironic about not being able to open a pack of much-needed scissors

It would have taken about five extra seconds to put this in amirite format.

It's ironic that weed was legalized in Colorado... the highest state above sea level in America

That's the opposite of irony.

The spirit never dies and this is just the human phase of our existence.

Oh how I miss when amirite's used to be in the form of a question.

Contraceptives are not a right and shouldn't be provided as part of healthcare, amirite?
@TommyUK1234 That's what I was building to. As you no doubt also noticed. The OP is defying his own logic with his argument. In...

We don't provide policemen the protection they need to do their job. They have it issued to them, yes, but it is not provided for free. The precinct needs to purchase all of the body-armor, firearms, ammunition, and other equipment.

Exactly, care is provided after the event. Athletes and cops don't get their equipment for free, but they receive healthcare should they get hurt. Anything after the fact is irrelevant, and the relevant part of your argument is the protective gear going in to the activity. Neither example get it for free, it is all purchased. I don't think you made much of a good point at all.

Remember guys, when you have 'fun' by yourself at night, you could be killing America's next President, but then again you could be killing a serial killer, carry on. amirite?
Guys: seeing the Olsen Twins progress from infants to cocaine-snorting sluts makes you not want to have a daughter, amirite?
The worst part about writing a ten page paper is proof reading the ten pages of bullshit you just wrote, amirite?

If you can't dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bullshit.

Facebook's broken, amirite?

Also, none of my friends can to reply to my chats, comments, or messages. Actually, it's usually broken like that.

Girls: Having an uncommon bra size (such as 32C or bigger) sucks because then you have to pay like $50 for a bra that actually fits, amirite?

Guys: Girls that have an uncommon bra size (such as 32C or bigger) are awesome because then you have to pay like little attention to what they actually say, because you have something to look at, amirite?

Nirvana, what exactly does Teen Spirit smell like? amirite?
Dear God, Give us back Bob Marley, Jimi Hendrix, Kurt Cobain, Layne Staley, and John Lennon, and we'll give you Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, and the three Jonas Brothers, amirite?
@Hes not talentless, he got to sing in a michael jackson song, and queen sucks. Lil wayne has more talent than you...

Now you're just insulting me.And also you haven't listened to queen how can you say they suck?

Also to cucumber: i wouldn't consider myself a seasoned listener but i know when i see real music like Led Zeppelin ,Queen ,Nirvana and Pink Floyd and i can separate it from the sea of shit we have today.

It'd be interesting to see statistics of your life after you die. Like, what joke you found the funniest, how many times you smiled, how many times you laughed, how many times you lied, or how many people you loved, amirite?

Or how many kid's I'VE touched!