If it werent for you meddling kids and your dumb dog! amirite?
Tobi is a good boy ;D, amirite?
It was never the same in Pokemon when Misty left now you watch it and see a different girl all the time, amirite?

Cartoon Network Sometimes :/

is it weird to be 14 and have never had a boyfriend? amirite?

Ive never had a boyfriend too but i guess im still waiting for the 'one' :]

Most people dont know what a Crumple-Horned Snorkack is....I do, amirite?

Haha Itsh a Monster from Harry Potter x]

Everyones saying about Spongebob and the oil spill but what about poor Nemo the clown fish, he aint laughing and joking anymore... amirite?

T.T'' He can swim there! i Know im an idiot im sorry for that...

"Your Ugly" To be honest i dont think, me nor anyone else cares about what you think, amirite?

Well Thank chu for Showing your Opinon ¬¬''

They always a friend that just like you, feel the same way, think the same way and think they going to get no where in life with love. In my group of friend it me and courtenet (XToadsAndMariosX, amirite?

Awwwsh Thanking chu Hayley :D

FML depresses you, MLIA makes you feel like your life is 'boring' but Amirite is just perfect for everyone, amirite?
When you have a blue coloured ruler and a red coloured ruler you just have to do laser noises have a have an epic lightsabers battle with your best friend, amirite?

Even if people give funny looks xD

Dont you wish that you could catch up with your shadow just once in your life, amirite?
Haha us Brits dont have Walmart however we do have ASDA... BRING ON 333 WAYS TO GET KICKED OUT OF ASDA, it doesnt have the same ring to it unfortunately, amirite?

Yupp but it aint big as Walmart :(