Everything we touch in public is probably going to be made out of copper and brass in the next few years because it self-disinfects. The near future is going to look kind of steampunk. amirite?

Wouldn't mind it

The North Pole and South Pole can be switched without meaning, amirite?

The poles are named after magnetic polarities not orientations. Switching those names could affect how certain magnetically reliant products work.

In this digital era, someone might create something that would go unnoticed in their lifetime, but become appreciated in 500 years and become famous, amirite?

Vincent van gogh...

Every man that saw medusa literally got hard, amirite?
The elephant is way bigger than even the biggest birds. If the blue whale is the biggest creature that can "fly" through water, who knows what walks around on the ocean floor. amirite?

I didn't think much lived down there because if all the pressure.

Plants that use faeces of vegans are actually cannibals. amirite?

Not just vegans. As literally any and all food eaten by humans depends on plant life in the first place, all feces is them being canabals.

Our testicles are nearly always in complete darkness, amirite?
Because chihuahuas are so aggressive, but so small, chances are they would hunt in packs in nature, amirite?
No matter what question you ask, if you continue and keep on asking, you'll always end up with the question "Why does the universe exists?", amirite?

This refers to the Three Eternal Questions:
1. Where did we come from? (Who are we? Variations)
2. Why are we here?
3. Where are we going?

Gyms are useful for the apocalypse, gyms are useless in the apocalypse, amirite?

Shhhh you'll break the market

Because chihuahuas are so aggressive, but so small, chances are they would hunt in packs in nature, amirite?

Basically. Land piranhas is what I'm saying

If humans are such social creatures why are we all so lonely, amirite?

Expectations maybe?

We always envy people for being in certain positions until we're in that position and it turns out it isn't so great, amirite?
If you live longer not smoking, you would spend money on something else in your life, so money isn't really being wasted when you buy cigarettes and die early. amirite?
@StephenHutchins Government banning vape herein my country due to its bad impact on youth... cigarettes and all still cool tho. Have...

Whatever's trendy to be killing everyone is what they harp on. Sadly, it's not a whole lot different from fashion.

The way we treat our phones and the internet, we are already a culture of mental cyborgs. amirite?

Okay? I don't get what your point is. Is this supposed to means technology is bad...?