Glad to be included as one of you, brother
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In all seriousness though, apology accepted dude. No need for this petty drama to continue

Do you say Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays when greeting someone?

Bah fucking humbug

The Only Thing Better Than Chocolate is...

Sex, Chocolate and wine can all go together you know

I'm a whore.

What was the most toxic site you ever been on?

Other than SH... Tumblr and YouTube had their fair share of unstable haters

What if their real name is anonymous ?

Morning people piss me off

I am blessed. I have a lot to be thankful for. My family, my friends, my partner (soon to be my wife). I have a job, a roof over my head and food in my belly. I couldn't ask for more than that.

Great to hear bud

Isn't it funny that those who claim they want the arguing to stop are the first ones to send rude messages like this.

Youre okay in my books dude.... So the nobody likes you comment was a lie.

Just block him though and be gone with him. It beats getting worked up and stressed out when it's apparent the both of you can't get along.

Sir Anthony at your service!

What's the Best Thing About Pizza?

It performs felatio for free