@dru18 Where else would I be? Oh, I see, you thought you got me deactivated. You tried that yesterday with somebody else...

No.. I didn't report you. I just figured once I stopped replying to you, it was done. It's clear now you don't like any of us. And that's fine. You have company. There's just no point for me to argue with you when your mind is made up. Apparently you like to argue and you like drama.

bring back sodahead cause this site is a rip off

Sodahead is still up... But Fef wont let you log in.

@BarbOBarr I hope bringing up valid points is not considered arguing. If it is than I will stop. I was not aware folks were so...

I don't see it as that. What I saw was you deliberately taking swipes at us. But I will be the bigger person and do what fuzala asked. All I'm going to say is that taking a passive aggressive swipe at us isn't really a differing opinion.


In all seriousness though, apology accepted dude. No need for this petty drama to continue

Isn't it funny that those who claim they want the arguing to stop are the first ones to send rude messages like this.

Youre okay in my books dude.... So the nobody likes you comment was a lie.

Just block him though and be gone with him. It beats getting worked up and stressed out when it's apparent the both of you can't get along.

@BarbOBarr Your name makes that clear. Lol

People actually think I am a douchebag..

Indifferent on this.. Maybe a break will do you some good but if you're truly sorry don't let this happen again. If it does, the apology means nothing.

Yes. Agreed. Just realize these haters are unstable miserable old fucks

@dru18 OMG!! Can you be any more of an arrogant a-hole?! You and a few of your jerk buddies, are the one's who have been...

Well I beg to differ he apologized to all PHAET. And I am phamily in case you weren't aware.

Like I said, I'll take his apology with a grain of salt. If these incidents continue then he's not truly sorry is he? If they don't, then I'll accept his apology.

You on the other hand seem like you can't stand to be ignored. I was done with you for a while now after your little immature rant against a whole group of people. I'm trying to be the bigger person and walk away. If you simply can't do that, I'll make it happen. You will be blocked if you don't knock it off.