‎"It's 10 PM and Kate's face is breaking out!" You call THAT breaking out? amirite?

Hahahaha exactly!!!!

Cap'n crunch is just effing delicous. nuff said. amirite... or, amirite?

haha same! i just ate it and i can't believe some people are diaagreeing with this!

It's gym class, not the olympics. amirite?

Hahahahahahahahahaha best post i've EVER seen. hahahhahahahah

Ke$ha, i don't wake up feeling like p-diddy. i wake up feeling like... going back to sleep. amirite?

Umm i dont even have facebook so sorry to offend you?

Its kind of ridiculous for a millionaire, to want to be a billionaire, so fricking bad. amirite?


When grocery shopping, you hate when you have to awkwardly look down every aisle for your parents, amirite?

@monkeypants hahahhahaha!

and replying to this post: if everyone has a cell phone in your fam, then just call them when you're looking for them. it works i promise. :)

No creepy foreign guy with no mutual friends, you may not be my facebook friend. amirite?

hahahah exactly!

Sunchips, it's great that you're bag is "100% compostable" but now i can't eat them in the middle of the night without waking my whole neighborhood up. amirite?

Wow they lie. ha

When you were little you hid in the middle of the clothes racks while your mom/dad/whoever shopped. Amirite or, amirite?

Haha thanks guys. :)

Girls: It's embarrasing when you're in the car with your dad listening to the radio and OMG by Usher or California Gurls by Katy Perry comes on, amirite?

Haha my dad actually likes california girls! he knows all the words and sings along when it comes on.

girls when we leave the house, we sometimes have the "oh no did i unplug my straightner?!" panic, amirite?

Haha yeah! then it's the best when you come home to it not being plugged in. :)

some rap verses make no sense at all, amirite?

haha i know.