You get a strange sense of satisfaction when the supply teacher hates the class browner, amirite?

For a moment there, I thought this was a bit racist, then I realised what browner actually meant. I guess i'm not down with the kids enough to understand youth lingo...

I wanna tame miley. amirite?

I wanna deck her.

Anorexia isn't a diet - food won't kill you, but starving yourself will. amirite?

You've obviously never tried my chicken surprise ...

It seems like being a slut is becoming more and more acceptable in society (which is unfortunate), amirite?

How is being a 'slut' bad? If someone behaves in a way you disaprove of its your problem, not theirs.
I can safely say you are a judgemental wanker :)
That is all.

It seems like being a slut is becoming more and more acceptable in society (which is unfortunate), amirite?
Girls should not be allowed to say SMD, amirite?
Girls: Sometimes you wish you were a boy so you can pee on stuff. amirite?

That's why you get a ShePee :)

It's annoying when a couple makes one Facebook account for the two of them, how do you know which one is talking to you or which persons birthday it is. amirite?

People actually do that??

The people who rag on Twilight and then obssess over Harry Potter are pathetic. It's not like either of the series could ever happen in real life, but atleast people haven't been made fun of the past 50 years over liking Twilight-esque stuff. (Dungeons and Dragons= Harry Potter) Amirite?

Harry Potter is not only far better written, but lacks the sexist overtones that make me despise Twilight. Sorry to break your heart, but Edward is a twat.

SPOILER ALERT! Harry is a wizard, amirite?

Cheers pal! I was the person this side of Uzbekistan that didn't know that! ;) x

We should use orphans as seeing-eye children for the blind; it gives them a home, a job and a sense of purpose, amirite?

So... instead of providing orphans with homes, loving families and a normal childhood, we should put them to work with people who may or may not be nice people? No offence, but its a ridiculous idea.

Music sounds better when it hasn't made mainstream yet, amirite?

To me, music is always better once its mainstream simply due to the fact that gigs are so much more amazing. Don't get me wrong, I love going to see bands no-one's heard of, but nothing beats jumping around to great music with ten-thousand other people shouting along to the lyrics.

Smokers are quitters whether or not they give up cigarettes. If they don't then they are just quitting life early. Amirite?

Not necessarily, my great-granddad smoked thirty a day for seventy years and he's still alive and kicking.

God loves all people. Jesus came to save, not to condemn. John 3:16-7. Put THAT in your pipe and smoke it, amirite?
@Amish_Allosaurus To whom are you adressing this? The people who say being gay is a sin?

No-one in particular, I just liked what it said. But I suppose it could be applied to those people, yes.