Anorexia isn't a diet - food won't kill you, but starving yourself will. amirite?

You've obviously never tried my chicken surprise ...

The best kind of guys are the nerdy hot ones, because they're just so darn clueless how hot they really are! And yes, there are such a thing as "nerdy hot guys",amirite?

If hot nerdy guys exist, how come I've never met one? It makes me sad :(

Music sounds better when it hasn't made mainstream yet, amirite?

To me, music is always better once its mainstream simply due to the fact that gigs are so much more amazing. Don't get me wrong, I love going to see bands no-one's heard of, but nothing beats jumping around to great music with ten-thousand other people shouting along to the lyrics.

Screw hygiene. Jesus is my hygiene... amirite?

Gerra wesh!

Those with tattoos: you hate the part where it's really itchy a few days afterwards, but you can't scratch it because it will be ruined amirite?

Bit o' E45'll sort that out, pal.

SPOILER ALERT! Harry is a wizard, amirite?

Cheers pal! I was the person this side of Uzbekistan that didn't know that! ;) x

It seems like being a slut is becoming more and more acceptable in society (which is unfortunate), amirite?
It seems like being a slut is becoming more and more acceptable in society (which is unfortunate), amirite?

How is being a 'slut' bad? If someone behaves in a way you disaprove of its your problem, not theirs.
I can safely say you are a judgemental wanker :)
That is all.

You're a bitch who needs to burn in hell if I told you a friend failed at committing suicide and you said "Awww, why didn't it work?", amirite?

Sounds oddly specific...

It's amazing how through all of human history, one thing has remained constant. That little girls all over the world dream of being a princess, amirite?

I wanted to drive lorries..

A cat works just as well as trained Psychologist, and gives better advice, amirite?

Psychologists don't give advice, that would be a therapist/counsellor.

Hannah Montana has gone from a cute little disney show that all of us secretly loved to watch, to just another disney star gone wrong :/, amirite?

Plus her songs are shit...

There aren't really any good words for male attractiveness, amirite?

Hench ;)

Why is global warming a bad thing? We're told we wan't the environment to thrive, and more CO2 in the atmosphere means that all the worlds trees are pretty damn happy. amirite?

Because if the Earth's temperature rises even just a few degrees, we're basically fucked.

10 years ago, people waited till 16-17 to have sex. Now it's 13-15. In another 10 years, are 11 year olds gonna be doin it? amirite?

Its actually only a minority who have sex at that age, I think you'll find that most do actually wait until its legal.