About me.

Why hello there my future step-son/daughter!
You know me, but in case you need a reminder..
My entire life I have been called by the name Jordan, but I'm not sure thats my real name..
I left my mother's vagina and fell on the hospital floor on this beautiful Earth 15 years ago.
I enjoy female boobies! Therefore I am straight.
I am a Christian, but not one of those freaky people who go: OMGZ THE BIBLE IS ALL NOEING AND U SHULD BELEVE ME OMGZZ...
My opinions, which I know are important on this website.. that you post your opinions on...
I personally do not like homosexuality, I don't think you were born homosexual. Do NOT send me messages telling me that I'm wrong. Because I don't give a damn.
Now that that's out of the way..