About me.

I'm Brenna. I am my own person, and that is who I will always be. I am known to be a pessimest(sp?] and stubborn. I am a Beatles fanatic. I'm random, and I don't say that to be annoying, I say that because when I'm in a conversation, I switch topics constantly. I talk too fast. I am always singing. I am AWFUL at singing. I love to write. Christofer Drew Ingle is my hero, my idol, my role model, and my inspiration. I love many types of music, but Screamo, Punk, and Horror Punk especially. I'm not into maintstream pop, no offense to anyone who is, it just sounds awful to me (EX: JustinBeiber; MIley Cyrus, I could go on... but I do like Tasylor Swift [:] I love tattoos and piercings. Let's chat.