About me.

I'm Asian.... there's not much more to say...... Except that you should read this in an Asian accent to make it about 10x more funny. But the problem is 10 x 0 = 0 so reading it in an Asian accent won't make it any funnier since it's actually really lame... except not. So go ahead read it. I dare you. In an Asian accent. Right now. NOW!

Picture up there is an extreme parkour picture. 15 foot structure. Cartwheeled off of it. Badass right? No? Not even a little?
(If you do think it's pretty legit message me. It'll make my day :D)

English isn't my first language but I don't have that stereotypical Asian accent. I can if I really want to though :P

I can be mature if I need to be but otherwise I act like a child albeit a chill child not an ADHD one.

I listen to and produce trance/vocal trance.

I'm an aspiring photographer with a budget of less than $0 so it's pretty chill. No I am not one of those people who are all like "OMG i took a macro shot [with a 18-55 zoom lens] which means i'm a photographer!!!" I actually own semi-professional photography gear which I am not going to tell you about unless you really want to know... but I really don't think you'll care :D

I play the piano and sing. I do it pretty well too. Chamber and show choir... what's good right?

Favorite books, movies, blah, blah, and blah. I'm not going to get into that but even if I did get into it, it would most likely take up zero room. I think me just posting this statement takes up more room.

I like to cook and I'm good at it(?). No one's died yet so I have a pretty good record going here.

I can cook: steaks, fried rice (typical asian right?), lo mein, RAMEN NOODLES(right out of the package!!!), macaroni and cheese (not the instant stick it in a microwave/stove one), ribs, pho (for anyone who knows what it is: points to you, to anyone who doesn't: go find out), pastries of all sorts, dessert dishes, a bunch of other asian dishes that I don't know how to translate into English, and whatever else I have ingredients for...

I hate the cooking channel since I don't have half the ingredients lying around my house. I'm sure most of those ingredients are really exotic anyways and would cost me a fortune just to buy. For this reason, I don't associate myself with the cooking channel in any way, shape, or form.

By the way, the name's Eric and I'm a 16 year old asian driver. Don't fuck :P

But seriously.... I've talked about me too much already. Now I sound conceited.... Thank you very much about me section... So why don't you talk to me? Or maybe I can talk to you? It's cool either way since I amirite stalk and I probably will be stalking/have stalked you at one point or another but that was completely off topic. Anyways thanks for reading this and if you didn't go away (but then again, if you didn't read this, then you won't see this, so in the end it won't even matter)