If you ever get a test that has a question that says "What is courage?" You would totally put in "This is," and then turn in the test, amirite?

Your logic is indeed powerless.

You can tell if a girl has a good sense of humour just by feeling her boobs, amirite?

There's a special gland on every woman's right breast, right to the left of the nipple. Women with a sense of humor have enlarged glands, so you can feel it when you grab their boobs. You have to squeeze kind of hard, and it works better if their shirt is off, but you should give it a try, it really works!

This must be how it works; Germ #1- "Oooh, look dude, there's food on the ground, lets go." Germ #2- "Nahh, man. It hasn't been 5 seconds yet." Germ #1- "Yeah, you're right. Gotta follow the rules.", amirite?

It's ironic. Check my profile.

ATTENTION HIGH SCHOOL: You're lockers are too close for comfort. When I can tell whether the guy next to me brushed his teeth while I'm hanging up my jacket that's a clear indicator that more space is needed, amirite?

ATTENTION HIGH SCHOOL: You need to offer better English courses. Your students should know the difference between 'your' and 'you're' by now.

You can tell if a girl has a good sense of humour just by feeling her boobs, amirite?
Those "Your Baby Can Read" commercials piss me off. I have Hydrocelaphus and I wasn't verbal until I was 4 years old. I learned sign language. I was in speech therapy. I speak very good English. I'm in a regular English class and I might be moved up a level. Just because your kid can read at a young age, it doesn't make them special. amirite?

You really don't need to add your life story in your post.

You don't like when people are too proud of their country, amirite?
@EmptyMelodies Maybe if Americans were more proud of their country, they wouldn't have let it get to its current state.

I think you'd be hard pressed to find a group of people who are more proud and nationalistic than Americans.

Part of the reason Americans are fat is because fatness has become socially exceptable. (weather or not you agree with the ethics) If we were to shun fat people, not include them in social gatherings, and make fun of their size whenever we saw them on the street our fat population would disappear after a while. amirite?
There is no benefits of tons of hours of homework every night. amirite?

I am so fucking sick of your negative comments. If you hate this site so much, honestly, why are you still here?

There is no benefits of tons of hours of homework every night. amirite?

Your attempt to dismiss my comment with humor does not invalidate my original question. Honestly, why are you still on this site?

Atheists, just because you have more faith in gravity than god doesn't make you smarter than anyone who feels differently. It's not about being naive and believing in fairy tales, it's about faith. So please pretending that since you read one book by one guy with one degree that you are all knowing on the subject, amirite?

Does no one else see the irony of the last sentence? Reading a well-researched book written by an intelligent atheist does not make one knowledgeable, but a book written millennia ago by more or less unidentified people DOES contain correct information about the entire history of the world?

Most countries don't actually like America. They just pretend they do for all the benefits: status, money, aid, not being blown up... amirite?
@Chapstick That's kinda sad :( America used to be the land of dreams. People from all over the world came here for a better...

Very true. America was a great country in the 20th century - it was the first country where people could actually fulfill their dreams and find a better life. It truly was fantastic.

But how could anyone take this country seriously now? Seriously, the international community sees a senseless war, people like Trump and Palin as serious candidates for office (REALLY?!), and infantile debates over things like Planned Parenthood to block the entire government's budget. Oh, I forgot - the birth certificate and pictures of bin Laden.

America needs to get its shit together. That, and it needs to wake up and realize that 'empires' always fall, and America can still be a great country even if it is gasp number TWO.

You know or have met someone who goes by a name that sounds nothing like their real name, amirite?

So basically you're asking whether I know someone who has a nickname...

your lunch table is the one who laughs like crazy and has a great time meanwhile everyone else is staring like your crazy... but you really just don't care... amirite?
Religious differences should NEVER come between a couple, amirite?

Religion is often at the core of the way an individual views life, morality, love, etc - basically a person's most fundamental beliefs about their very existence. I'm pretty sure disagreement about this could lead to some major problems.