About me.

Hello, My name is ANAHI...:]
How u say that u may ask....Anaee.
Yes i kno my name is weird.!
I am not indian or Hawaiian...even though many confuse me as it..
Im a mexican!!

Im really fun to hang out with, im down-to-earth, and always bubbly!
I at times wish i can turn vegetarian..but i cant because i love chicken too
much to let go!
I'm always smiley, never frowny!lol

I like any kind of music but i draw a line at justin bieber and ''heavy'' rap
My favorite bands/artists are..Paramore, We the Kings, 9 in nails, BTR, Muse, Usher, Taylor swift, Lady Gaga, Beyonce & The Ready Set! and many more.
so i pretty much like a bit of everything!

ONE THING I MAJOR OBSEST with will have too be...lady bugs!! yes, i get weirder by the minute!
Im intrested in just having fun a with my closest friends and just getting away from arizona bcuz its super uber hot!!

Yup, thats pretty much 1/4 of me!!! ;]
BTW: thats my smiley face...i own it ;] & :]...lol jk!!